Big Imagination, Big Truth - Andrew Petiprin

Key Life
Monday January 15, 2018

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From Santa Claus to ‘The Lord of the Rings’ to Harry Potter, fairy tales make a big space for a big God in our heads and hearts. What, you don’t believe in magic? Join Key Life author Andrew Petiprin on SBE. After that, stick around for a conversation with our very own Chad West about forgiveness and consequences.

Delivered from Evil: How England’s Darkest Hour Became its Finest, by David Hay

Guest Bloggers
Monday January 8, 2018

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Had the events of May 1940, particularly those recounted in ‘Darkest Hour,’ turned out differently, the entire world might well have endured a darkness such as never seen before in the history of mankind. Perhaps the May 26th, 1940, National Day of Prayer deserves more than a few silent prayers of thanks and certainly, at very least, an honorable mention by Hollywood.

Hope for the New Year

Steve Brown
Wednesday January 3, 2018

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I’m writing to you in November just after Thanksgiving and before Advent. You’re reading this in January. So I should say “Happy New Year!” even if it feels kind of funny to do it.