Divided We Fall - Dr. Luder Whitlock

Key Life
Monday July 10, 2017

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Jesus prayed that Christians would all be one, and that the world would believe when they see our unity. That’s not working out so well. What’s up with that?! Join Dr. Luder Whitlock on SBE for a discussion of his new book, ‘Divided We Fall: Overcoming a History of Christian Disunity.’ Past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future results.

Politics in the Church - Money & Power

Key Life
Thursday June 8, 2017

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People with money in the church often live by the Golden Rule, “Whoever has the gold makes the rules.” If you’re a pastor, how do you handle those who believe that their gifts to the church give them the right to run the place? Join Steve Brown, along with pastors Kevin Labby and Zach Van Dyke, as they talk about it.

Big on Church

Steve Brown
Wednesday May 31, 2017


It’s a miracle the church is still here. If you don’t like misunderstanding, bad communication, sin, anger and confusion, join a service club and stay away from the church.

Outside the Camp - Garth Cross

Key Life
Monday April 10, 2017

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There’s a special kind of suffering reserved for people who have screwed up bad enough to be rejected by communities who say they believe in forgiveness and restoration. It’s a pain that brings perspective, but only after lament. Join Garth Cross on SBE for a discussion of his book, ‘Outside the Camp: A Former Pastor Looks at the Church from a Distance.’

Politics in the Church - Controversy

Key Life
Thursday March 30, 2017

church leadership pastors pastors' chat

We’re living in toxic times, and pastors are often called by God to stand against the status quo. If God’s shepherds aren’t challenging their congregations, they’re no longer ministering to them… they’ve joined them. Join Steve, along with pastors Zach Van Dyke and Kevin Labby, as they talk about how pastors can prepare for, process, and protect themselves during the inevitable controversy that will come if they’re actually doing their job.

Politics in the Church - Paranoia

Key Life
Thursday December 15, 2016

church leadership pastors pastors' chat

Most pastors are relatively good people. They’re kind, compassionate, and gentle. The problem is, when you’re that way, you tend to think everybody else is that way, too. Without being a little paranoid, pastors can trust too much and end up blindsided by those who are out to get them. Join Steve, along with pastors Zach Van Dyke and Kevin Labby, as they discuss the healthy pastoral paranoia that’s crucial for survival in ministry.

The History of Advent - Quick Explanation

Ryan Reeves
Thursday December 1, 2016


When in history did the celebration of Advent begin in Christian churches? Check out this short explanation from Dr. Ryan Reeves, Assistant Professor of Historical Theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. You’ll hear how Advent arose around Christmas in the 4th century, and how Advent in history is different than Advent today.