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When Prodigals Go Back to the Pigs

When Prodigals Go Back to the Pigs

JANUARY 18, 2019

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Most of us believe that the prodigal son who came home in Luke 15 stayed at home, joined hands with his father, and lived happily ever after. It didn’t happen that way. It never does. The prodigal returned to the far country to visit. Maybe he didn’t stay there as long, but he went there.

If you struggle with your sin, if you made all kinds of promises to God and broke them, if you tried and tried and hardly ever get it right, if you doubt your salvation, if you wonder if God has had it with you, Steve Brown has some good news for you.

Watch this message with teaching from Luke 15:11-32 and 1 Peter 2:9-10. You’ll see that the Gospel isn’t just for the lost. It’s for the saved too.

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