Let’s say that you love buying stuff on Amazon. Further, let’s say that you’re a big sinner who loves the message of radical grace, and that Steve Brown and Key Life have impacted your life (for the better). Finally, let’s also say that you’d like to help set others free from "do more, try harder" religion.

If that stuff we just said sounds anything like you, your head is going to explode with joy over AmazonSmile.

Here’s the deal, if you click here and shop, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to Key Life. It’s perfect, Key Life works to free you from guilt, and now you can buy yourself stuff without feeling guilty that you’re not giving the money to God’s work at Key Life!

So, click here and buy a bunch of stuff! You get the stuff you would normally buy (at the same prices), Key Life gets a little something, it’s good for the economy and the terrorists lose. Win, win, win, win!

P.S. Please share this post with all the Amazon-stuff-loving, big sinner, grace junkies you know.