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Poker, Peace & Piety

Friday September 21, 2018

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The Bible can be a frustrating book, especially when the religious manipulators use the “law enforcement texts” to keep us in line. The mother of all those texts is Jesus’ parable of the talents; a favorite of fundraisers, Sunday school teachers and guilt-trippers everywhere. Well, no more. This message from Steve will set you free!

The New Activist - Eddie Kaufholz (Re-Air)

Monday September 17, 2018


It’s never been easier to end up overwhelmed by all the injustice in the world. Just scrolling through the news feeds on our phones can leave us both stirred to action and simultaneously discouraged that our little bit will make any difference in the face of so much evil and suffering. Eddie Kaufholz is on SBE to show the way from observer to activist.

The Breath of God

Friday September 14, 2018

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What motivates you? If it’s religion, you’ll run out of gas. If you’re trying to be good to make up for all the bad things you’ve done, quit it; God doesn’t need your help. But if it’s the breath of God, you’ll be unstoppable. Don’t miss this message from Steve.

Jake Luhrs - Mountains

Monday September 10, 2018

christian life

Jake Luhrs from August Burns Red and Heart Support is here on Steve Brown, Etc. to talk about his new Devotional, Mountains.

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Friday August 31, 2018

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You know all those people who drive you nuts with their superficial beliefs and spurious views? If you’re a Christian, you’re supposed to love those turkeys while standing up for truth. That’s a tall order. Join Steve as he teaches from Philippians 2:1-11 and 1 Corinthians 1:10 about how to love without sacrificing your convictions.

Jonathan Merritt - Learning to Speak God from Scratch

Monday August 27, 2018

christian life

Sacred words are vanishing, and Jonathan Merritt isn’t okay with that. He argues in his new book, Learning to Speak God from Scratch, that getting rid of sacred words isn’t the answer, but rather breathing new life into them because they’re so important to the faith conversation.

Owner’s Manual for a New Creation

Friday August 24, 2018

steve's sermons

If you are in Christ, you are not commanded to be a new creation, you are a new creation. That means that you don’t have to do a bunch of religious stuff to become what you already are. The problem is, we’ve gotten so religious we don’t know what the real thing looks like. This message from Steve will help.