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God of Tomorrow - Caleb Kaltenbach

Monday May 21, 2018

christian life pain & suffering

Hope for the future seems to be in short supply these days. Who can blame us? Our children go to school wondering if it’s their turn to get gunned down in class. Our country is deeply divided. Racism, terrorism, and instability plague us. It’s enough to make even Christians doubt that God is in control. Join Caleb Kaltenbach on SBE for a discussion of his new book, ‘God of Tomorrow: How to Overcome the Fears of Today and Renew Your Hope for the Future.’

The Grace We Share - Alex Early

Friday May 18, 2018

grace encounter conference

If God’s grace is the mind-blowing good news we say it is, why is it so hard for us to share our faith? Join Alex Early at Grace Encounter 2018 as he preaches from 2 Corinthians 5:11-21. You’ll be convinced that evangelism is just the overflow of the delight that comes from knowing we are completely and unconditionally accepted by God in Jesus before time began.

The Babylon Bee Book - Kyle Mann

Monday May 14, 2018

christian life

Christians aren’t known for being funny. Comedy takes a certain freedom that one doesn’t come by while tiptoeing around sacred cows or worrying if one’s jokes are grieving the Holy Spirit. Even so, every once in a while, some Christians do dare to dance on the lines and invite the sacred cows over for a barbecue. Join Kyle Mann from the Christian news satire site The Babylon Bee on SBE.  You’ll actually witness the rare Evangelicus Humorous in its native habitat.

The Grace We Affirm - Zach Van Dyke

Friday May 11, 2018

grace encounter conference

In order to affirm the truth of God’s grace in our lives we first have to affirm our need for grace. Grace always presupposes need. Join Zach Van Dyke at Grace Encounter and you’ll see that affirming grace covers our original shame and frees us with the truth of our redeemed original goodness.

Night Driving - Chad Bird (Re-Air)

Monday May 7, 2018

christian life marriage pain & suffering

Chad Bird blew up his life. His infidelity not only left his marriage in ruins, it also destroyed his career as a pastor and seminary professor. Chad left to struggle with his demons in the cab of his truck as he drove nights through the oil fields of Texas. Join Chad Bird on SBE as he talks about the healing work that God’s grace does in the darkness.

The Grace We Receive - Bishop Clarence McClendon

Friday May 4, 2018

grace encounter conference

How do we receive God’s grace? Join Bishop Clarence McClendon at Grace Encounter 2018 as he answers that question with teaching from John 1:1-18 and Hebrews 4:14-16. You’ll see that accepting the finished work of Jesus is not only receiving grace from God, it’s freeing us to receive grace from one another.

Looking Back - Buddy Greene

Monday April 30, 2018


Singer-songwriter, guitarist, and insanely talented harmonica player Buddy Greene has been delighting and inspiring audiences for over 30 years. It’s a career that includes playing with Jerry Reed and writing the music for “Mary, Did You Know?” Join Buddy on SBE as he traces his spiritual and musical journey as heard on his new album, ‘Looking Back.’

Laughter in the Dark

Friday April 27, 2018

holy spirit incarnation jesus salvation

What’s life all about? What’s the point of enduring all the darkness? Is there a God? Does he care? Does he love? Take two minutes with Steve, and you just might hear the joyful laughter of God spilling over into a sour world.