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N.T. Wright | Natural Theology

Monday November 11, 2019


What is ‘natural theology’ and why should you care? Find out when Steve and the gang sit down with renowned theologian and author N.T. Wright to discuss his latest book.

When Jesus Leaves the Building

Friday November 8, 2019

steve's sermons

In Luke 4, we see that grace is Jesus’ job description. He came to bring good news and radical freedom to poor prisoners and sick sinners. When Jesus is in the building, it’s all good… but there is a kicker. Grace is only good news for those who need it. Join Steve to find out what on earth would make Jesus leave the building.

Os Guiness | Carpe Diem Redeemed

Monday November 4, 2019

christian life

All our lives, we’ve heard we should ‘carpe’ the ‘diem.’ But what does that mean for a believer? How do we make our days count? This week, Steve and the gang sit down with author and friend of the show, Os Guinness, about seizing the day—and what we do once we’ve seized it.

James K. A. Smith | Saint Augustine

Monday October 28, 2019

christian life

Does your heart ever feel restless, like what you’re looking for is always just up ahead, around the bend? Our friend Saint Augustine felt the same way. This week, Steve and the gang talk to author and professor James K. A. Smith about how Augustine’s journey reflects our own in some uncanny ways.

Michael Cusick | Getting Sober

Monday October 14, 2019


Your addiction may start with you, but its effects could be felt for generations.  Scared yet?  Don’t be, because there’s real hope.  This week, we talk about getting sober with Michael John Cusick.  It’s a powerful and encouraging conversation you’ll want to watch and share.

Joel Fitzpatrick | Between Us Guys

Monday October 7, 2019


Who can help your son become a godly man? YOU can! And even better, it’s not as complicated as you might think. This week, Steve and the gang hang out with one of our favorite Fitzes, Joel Fitzpatrick.