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Shane J. Wood - Between Two Trees

Monday January 21, 2019

christian life

Life, death, and a whole lot of living. A lot happens Between Two Trees and Shane Wood is here to talk about his new book by that name on Steve Brown, Etc. In his book, he challenges us to embrace hope, love, and the beauty of reconciliation at the true tree of life: the cross of Calvary.

When Prodigals Go Back to the Pigs

Friday January 18, 2019

steve's sermons

Most of us believe that the prodigal son who came home in Luke 15 stayed at home, joined hands with his father, and lived happily ever after. It didn’t happen that way. It never does. We are always attracted back to the pig farm. Join Steve Brown for this message and you’ll see that the Gospel isn’t just for the lost. It’s for the saved too.

The Grace We Affirm - Zach Van Dyke

Friday January 11, 2019

grace encounter conference

In order to affirm the truth of God’s grace in our lives we first have to affirm our need for grace. Grace always presupposes need. Join Zach Van Dyke at Grace Encounter and you’ll see that affirming grace covers our original shame and frees us with the truth of our redeemed original goodness.

God’s Two Words: Law and Gospel - Rev. Dr. Justin Holcomb

Friday January 4, 2019

pastors practical theology preaching

God’s two words to us in the Bible are “Law” and “Grace.” If we misunderstand what each word means and how they relate to each other, we’re in a train wreck. And if pastors get this wrong in their preaching, they’re crushing people’s souls and not proclaiming the gospel. Join Rev. Dr. Justin Holcomb at our recent Key Life Pastors’ Pre-Conference. You’ll get clarity on God’s two words that will free you up.

A New Year and the Kingdom

Friday December 28, 2018

steve's sermons

So, you made it through Christmas and 2018. Now what? Behold, the Kingdom! This message from Steve will help you look back to the coming of the King and look forward to a glorious future in the City of God.