Robin DeMurga

Robin is VP of Media & Ministry at Key Life Network.

With Steve Brown for countless years as his daughter—30 of those at Key Life—she has learned “ministry” from the ground up. Presently, she serves at Key Life in the areas of publishing, editing, correspondence, and counseling.

Robin is a graduate of Wheaton College…with just enough graduate courses in counseling/theology from Reformed Theological Seminary to be dangerous.

In her “real life,” Robin is wife to a college professor, artist/potter, avid fiction reader, recovering news junkie, and eternal student.

Articles By Robin DeMurga

Women in the Church

Thursday February 6, 2020


“Women in the Church.” Oh, how I hate that phrase. It makes me cringe.

Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin

Thursday November 14, 2019

christian life

“Love the sinner, hate the sin.” They meant well. I meant well. And on paper it makes sense. We, as Christians, are called to love others. Check. We, as Christians, hate sin. Check.

God is Capricious

Tuesday February 2, 2016

christian life pain & suffering

After I heard that my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer, I spent that night nauseous and on the floor by the toilet, trying to throw up the news. It didn’t work. My number one fear had happened to my baby sister.

No More Gatekeepers

Tuesday July 21, 2015

christian life

“You don’t get it. You’re too young. We couldn’t get away with any of this at Key Life 10 years ago…the church has changed. And thank God,” I said the other day.

A Tiny Miracle

Wednesday October 29, 2014

christian life

Does God do miracles today? In the Bible, they experienced miracles first-hand. Why not us? Why not now? The blind saw. The lame walked. The water turned into wine…seemingly just for the fun of it, to increase the joy of a wedding reception.