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Pooped Pastors

The really hard part about being a pastor is that very few know how hard it is.

Welcome to the forums at forums are exclusively for those who know how difficult being a pastor can be.

The goal here is to provide a safe place of mutual support and fellowship where pastors can be honest with one another and ultimately experience the grace and love of God. By the way, we define “pastors” as those (active or not) who make their living or have made their living leading and tending to God’s people.

In an effort to facilitate honest dialogue, all posting in these forums is anonymous. To accomplish this, we will need to verify that you are (or were) a pastor before you are permitted to post. Please click here to register. After secure verification of your information, you will be assigned a generic posting ID (ex. Pooped Pastor 45) and you will be allowed to post.

Join fellow pastors in these forums and find that you are not alone, you are not weird, and you can do this pastor thing without becoming a Buddhist.

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Freedom And Grace

The people in these forums really get grace. Enter at your own risk. It’s like the wild west in there.

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