Run to Jesus

Steve Brown
Wednesday March 21, 2018

christian life

Do you want to be forgiven? Do you want something more in life? The fact is we can live lives of forgiveness, meaning, joy and real freedom…but not on our own terms.

Against Truth

Chad West
Tuesday March 20, 2018

I learned that knowing theology is good, but that theology, like other good things, can make you mean.

Steve’s Devotional - Never Work for God

Steve Brown
Monday March 19, 2018

steve's devotional

My friend Bruce once said that we should never “work for God.” That sounds like heresy until you hear his explanation: “Stay his child. Working for God always has and always will stink. Being God’s son or daughter and enjoying the privileges of adoption is a blessing of unimagined proportions. Satan’s goal in your life is to have you get from son/heir to day laborer. Don’t make the trade.”

Experiments in Honesty - Steve Daugherty video thumbnail

Experiments in Honesty - Steve Daugherty

Key Life
Monday March 19, 2018

jesus sanctification

Wherever you find truth, you find Jesus. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” Yup, when we hide and lie, Jesus leaves the building. Join Steve Daugherty on SBE for a discussion of his new book, ‘Experiments in Honesty: Meditations on Love, Fear and the Honest to God Naked Truth.’

Christ the King video thumbnail

Christ the King

Key Life
Friday March 16, 2018

steve's sermons

Once you bow before King Jesus, it’s almost impossible to bow before another king. Yeah, sometimes we see all the bad stuff and we want to run, but where are nobodies like us going to go? Join Steve as he looks at Luke 19:28-44 and teaches that Jesus really is the King… even when it doesn’t look like it.

The Truth Makes Free

Lauren R.E. Larkin
Thursday March 15, 2018

christian life

And you have been made free because truth has come and truth cannot be untruthed by our sham existence, by our lies and falsehood no matter how hard we fight against truth in our false and sham existence.

Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Steve Brown
Wednesday March 14, 2018

christian life

The triumphal entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem (Matthew 21 and Luke 19) always seemed strange to me. On the surface, it looks like just another party. There are the same smiles, excitement and celebration. But there is more going on here. In the midst of celebration, Jesus is preparing to die. He is going to be mocked, scourged and crucified. He knew it. His disciples knew it. When you realize what is really happening here, it just about takes the fun out of the party.