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Blessed Are the Misfits – Brant Hansen (Re-Air)

Blessed Are the Misfits – Brant Hansen (Re-Air)

MARCH 5, 2018

/ Programs / Steve Brown Etc / Blessed Are the Misfits – Brant Hansen (Re-Air)

If you feel completely at home in modern church culture, don’t listen to this episode of Steve Brown, Etc. You won’t understand. It’s a black sheep thing.

For the rest of us, join Brant Hansen on SBE talking about his new book, Blessed Are the Misfits: Great News for Believers who are Introverts, Spiritual Strugglers, or Just Feel Like They’re Missing Something. Jesus always welcomes and blesses outsiders, even if his flock forgets how.

Brant Hansen is a popular nationally syndicated radio host with a face made for the big screen. But don’t hate him because he’s beautiful (and radio-famous), Brant still somehow manages to be a misfit. He also works with CURE International, a worldwide network of hospitals that brings life-changing medical care and the good news of God’s love to children with treatable conditions.

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