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Christ Hold Fast – Elyse Fitzpatrick & Dan Price

Christ Hold Fast – Elyse Fitzpatrick & Dan Price

JANUARY 11, 2016

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You’ve probably played a game of telephone before. Start with a room full of people. One person whispers a message to the next, and so on, until the last person announces the message to the group. Often, things have been lost and distorted along the way.

You ever wonder if something like that has happened to the good news of Jesus?

Join Elyse Fitzpatrick and Daniel Emery Price from on Steve Brown, Etc. for some freeing gospel clarity. Then join them, Steve Brown, and a bunch of radical gracers at the Christ Hold Fast Conference for more!

Elyse Fitzpatrick is a popular speaker and author of a bunch of books, including the soon-to-be-released Home: How Heaven and the New Earth Satisfy Our Deepest Longing.

Dan Price is the head honcho at Christ Hold Fast, a pastor, and the author of the upcoming book Scandalous Stories: A Sort-Of Commentary on Parables.

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