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God's Not Mad at You
Finding a Rooted Faith – Fr. Andrew Petiprin

Finding a Rooted Faith – Fr. Andrew Petiprin

JANUARY 23, 2017

/ Programs / Steve Brown Etc / Finding a Rooted Faith – Fr. Andrew Petiprin

Are you desperate for truth and connection in an increasingly mad world? Has religion become a solitary endeavor for you? You may just find the longing of your heart in a rooted faith.

Join Key Life author Father Andrew Petiprin on Steve Brown, Etc. as he tells his story and discusses The Narnia Option. You’ll hear how the relentless grace of God wouldn’t leave him alone until he found joy in a worshiping community, ancient ritual, and the beauty of holiness.

Andrew Petiprin is Rector of St. Mary of the Angels Episcopal Church in Orlando, Florida. He was a British Marshall Scholar at Magdalen College in Oxford, trained for ordination at Yale, and is a regular contributor to The Living Church.

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