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Finding God in the Waves – Mike McHargue

Finding God in the Waves – Mike McHargue

NOVEMBER 7, 2016

/ Programs / Steve Brown Etc / Finding God in the Waves – Mike McHargue

Mike McHargue knows the pain of losing faith. While a deacon in a Baptist church, a personal crisis drove him to the Bible. Instead of answers, he found more questions and became an atheist. But that’s just the beginning of Mike’s miraculous story.

Join “Science Mike” from the podcasts The Liturgists Podcast and Ask Science Mike as he talks about his new book, Finding God in the Waves: How I Lost My Faith and Found It Again Through Science. If you’ve ever experienced doubt or unraveling belief, don’t miss this episode of Steve Brown, Etc.

Mike McHargue is a popular podcaster, blogger, and in-demand speaker who uses his story to help people know God in an age of science.

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