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Noel Jesse Heikkinen – Wretched Saints

Noel Jesse Heikkinen – Wretched Saints

APRIL 22, 2019

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Maybe you think you don’t need forgiveness, or maybe you think you’re too bad to get forgiveness. You’re both wrong, according to today’s guest.

The bad news is you’re a lot worse than you think you are, the good news is… well, let’s talk about that with Noel Jesse Heikkinen on this episode of Steve Brown, Etc! His book is Wretched Saints: Transformed by the Relentless Grace of God

Noel Jesse Heikkinen serves as the primary preaching pastor at Riverview Church in Lansing, Michigan. He also serves as a network director for Acts 29. He’s an author, he blogs at and his latest book is Wretched Saints.

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