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Who Was Adam? – Dr. Fazale Rana

Who Was Adam? – Dr. Fazale Rana

DECEMBER 28, 2015

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Who was Adam? Your answer to that question will determine how you answer the next one: Who are you?

Join biochemist Dr. Fazale Rana from Reasons to Believe (RTB) on Steve Brown, Etc. as we discuss RTB’s scientifically testable creation model for human origins. Can genetics and paleoanthropology give us hope that we’re actually beloved children of God instead of cosmic accidents?

Along with astrophysicist Dr. Hugh Ross, Dr. Fazale (Fuz) Rana is the co-author of Who Was Adam?: A Creation Model Approach to the Origin of Humanity. He writes and speaks extensively about the evidence for creation emerging from biochemistry, genetics, human origins, and synthetic biology. As vice president of research and apologetics at RTB, Fuz is dedicated to communicating to skeptics and believers alike the powerful scientific case for God’s existence and the Bible’s reliability.

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