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You’re Gonna Suffer… Happy New Year!

You’re Gonna Suffer… Happy New Year!

JANUARY 4, 2016

/ Programs / Steve Brown Etc / You’re Gonna Suffer… Happy New Year!

What’s up with all the heavy stuff in Key Life’s top 10 posts from 2015? Well, the truth is that our sin and suffering open the door to a realization of God’s unconditional love. It sucks, but it’s true. Let’s talk.

Join the crew from Steve Brown, Etc.* for a program that’s two parts navel gazing, three parts self-promotion, and the rest of the parts an honest reflection on grief, pain, and God’s radical grace.

*This would have been the first Steve Brown, Etc. of 2016, but Steve went on vacation. That means this is just Etcetera: Erik, Cathy, Justin, Zach… and maybe Sally Lloyd-Jones.

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