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God's Not Mad at You
God’s Forgetfulness

God’s Forgetfulness

JULY 30, 2020

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Want to know what God thinks about that sin you keep obsessing on?

Did ya hear about the tool men who had been friends for decades? They’re playing checkers and one said to the other, “Now don’t get mad at me, I know we’ve been friends a long time but I can’t think of your name. What is your name?” His friend just stared at him for about three minutes and then said “How soon do you need to know?”

Talk about forgetting, that’s what the cross is all about.

Every time you obsess about your sin and feel guilty about it. God says. I’ve forgiven and forgotten. You’re the one who keeps bringing it up. Isn’t that a relief? Now, go get a milkshake.

I’m Steve Brown. You think about that.

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