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APRIL 19, 2023

Love in response to goodness isn’t love… that’s reward!

A friend of mine asked me how I dealt with all the criticism I get. I told him, “I pray for those people every day by name… that they get drunk and confess their deepest and darkest secrets in a very public place.”  

‘Steve, you’re bad…’ 

No, I’m not.  That would be a severe mercy that would enable them to know God’s love. In fact, you can’t know God’s love until you know you don’t deserve it.

You see, love in response to goodness, isn’t love – that’s reward. If my critics would confess their sins in a public place, they’d start with embarrassment, but they would end with laughing and dancing before a gracious and loving God. 

I’m Steve Brown. You think about that. 

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