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Monkeys with Fleas

Monkeys with Fleas

OCTOBER 20, 2023

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Christians are the only ones who have anything to laugh about . . . because we’re loved and forgiven.

Someone has said that it’s important to be serious, but just as important to be serious about serious things.

A monkey wears an expression of seriousness, which would do credit to any scholar, but that monkey is serious because he has fleas and he itches.

By the way, don’t trust someone who is always serious and never laughs. They could be passionate and thoughtful, but on the other hand they may just have fleas.

Laughter someone has said, is the sign of being loved and forgiven. Christians are often the only people who have anything about which to laugh. That’s because we’re loved and forgiven.

I’m Steve Brown. You think about that..

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