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NOVEMBER 24, 2023

We aren’t called to fix each other. Just pray and love.

If you asked me to pray for you, I’ll do it.

But frankly, God hears your prayers, just the way hears mine.

You worship the same God I worship. My prayers are addressed to the same place to which your prayers are addressed. I’m redeemed the way you’re redeemed. And the Bible I read is the same Bible you read.

The fact that I’m ordained, doesn’t cut much with God. And we aren’t called to fix each other.

I doubt that I know what’s best for you, any more than you know what’s best for me. I’ll leave you alone, if you’ll leave me alone.

Now love is different, so let’s just love each other and pray. It’s enough.

I’m Steve Brown. You think about that.

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