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Salvation Army Band

Salvation Army Band

JUNE 5, 2024

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Jesus came to give us life, joy, and freedom. Now, go out and play!

There’s a funny story about a drunk who got saved by the Salvation Army.

Once he was sober, they assigned him the task of playing the bass drum in the Salvation Army Band. One time they asked him to give his testimony. He said, once I went to parties and had a good time and did bad things. Then he stopped and said quietly, now all I do is play this stupid drum.

For too many people, the Christian faith is dull and boring. Don’t blame Jesus for that. He doesn’t like the bass drum any more than you do.

He said, I’ve come to give you life and joy and freedom.

Now, go out and play with the other children and leave the drum at home.

I’m Steve Brown. You think about that.

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