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God's Not Mad at You
The Great Physician

The Great Physician

NOVEMBER 17, 2020

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If your life is in need of intensive care, there’s a great doctor who can help.

Went to see a friend in the hospital the other day, asked him, how he was doing? And he said, I’m doing really well, thanks for the doctor. Then for the next ten minutes, he told me about how skilled the doctor was, how compassionate, how wise. And then he said, you know Steve, it was almost worth getting sick just to know this doctor.

Sometimes I feel that way about God. Now don’t take this the wrong way, but listen, sometimes I’m glad that I’m a sinner. Sometimes I’m glad life is hard. It’s worth it all, just to know the doctor. Jesus, The Great Physician.

I’m Steve Brown. You think about that.

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