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At the Table

At the Table

JULY 14, 2017

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Jesus spent a significant amount of time in people’s homes, sharing meals with them—dining together in an intimate setting, connecting over good food, laughter, and thoughtful conversation. Most remarkable about these gatherings wasn’t the food, or the entertainment, or the lighting. It was with whom Jesus chose to keep company: Crooks. Prostitutes. Riffraff. The broken as well as the prideful.

Why these people? Because they mattered to Him. They were not lost causes. Their lives had purpose and meaning. And Jesus knew that before He could invite them to God’s table, He needed to first sit at theirs. Because relationships are born at the table.

In week one of the series At the Table, Zach Van Dyke challenges us to “sit at someone else’s table”—put yourself in a place where you can be invited to develop relationships with people outside your regular circle of friends. Jesus chose to spend a significant amount of time with people who were considered outcasts and develop genuine friendships with them so that He could show them how much they mattered to Him. Listen in as Zach explains how we are called to do the same.

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Zach Van Dyke

Zach Van Dyke

Zach Van Dyke is the teaching pastor at Summit Church in Orlando, Florida. He also teaches for Key Life and can be heard weekly on the nationally syndicated radio program Steve Brown, Etc. He was told from the time he was young that he would be a pastor one day. After attending Florida State and then moving to […]

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