Only Good News

Steve Brown
Wednesday June 21, 2017

grace 101

Do you feel guilty? What about ashamed and down? I’ve got some good news from Romans 8:31-39 for you. It’s all good news…and only good news.

Steve’s Devotional - How to Believe

Steve Brown
Monday June 19, 2017

steve's devotional

If you are a skeptic or have ever been one, then, chances are, you have had the experience of going to a Christian, asking about his or her faith, only to receive a “You just believe, that’s all” in response. I don’t know about you, but I remember feeling frustrated by that. I already know the problem. What I need is a solution.

Grace Encounter 2017 - Jesus & Barabbas - Jerry Q. Parries video thumbnail

Grace Encounter 2017 - Jesus & Barabbas - Jerry Q. Parries

Key Life
Friday June 16, 2017

grace encounter 2017

Barabbas was a notorious criminal. The Gospel of Luke tells us he was an insurrectionist against Rome and a murderer who was sentenced to death. But against all odds, on the day Barabbas was supposed to be crucified, Pontius Pilate set him free…and sent an innocent man to the cross Barabbas deserved. Jesus took his place. Join Jerry Q. Parries at Grace Encounter 2017 as he points out that Barabbas’ story is our story.

The Peach Jolly Rancher

Alex Early
Thursday June 15, 2017

christian life

Do you remember your first Jolly Rancher? The candy that could make your day or break your teeth is one that I’ll never forget. It’s funny being 36 years old and a father of two that somehow lately memories that have been tucked away in the outskirts of my mind are being dislodged. Some are painful, some are beautiful, and some are just plain fun. This one’s fun.

The One Worth Finding Part 3 - The Lost Son video thumbnail

The One Worth Finding Part 3 - The Lost Son

Zach Van Dyke
Wednesday June 14, 2017

bible teaching jesus salvation

Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son is one of his most famous stories. Many sermons use it to implore the lost to come home to our forgiving Father. But remember, there are two sons in the story. The older brother never left the Father’s house…and he was a pretty uptight guy. Watch this message from Zach Van Dyke and you’ll see that Jesus is showing us how religious people can be lost without ever leaving home.