Calling God a Liar

Pete Alwinson
Thursday October 17, 2019

christian life

No way I did that! When? I have a pretty active guilt complex, but no way I’ve ever told God that He lied to me. What are you crazy? Stand face to face with the Almighty God of the Universe and call Him a liar? I’m more sane than that.

Hope for Dirtbags Like Me

Chad West
Tuesday October 15, 2019

christian life

I want to go to a church where a doctor and a prostitute can bump into each other at the entrance like a bad dirty joke, and walk in holding hands, laughing, and nobody thinks a thing. Because they both know they’re sinners. And they both know they’re loved. You may believe that’s nuts. You may shake your head and remember all the Pharisees you know, and the shame in your own heart, and know it will never happen.

Michael Cusick | Getting Sober

Key Life
Monday October 14, 2019


Your addiction may start with you, but its effects could be felt for generations.  Scared yet?  Don’t be, because there’s real hope.  This week, we talk about getting sober with Michael John Cusick.  It’s a powerful and encouraging conversation you’ll want to watch and share.

Filthy Lucre | Key Takeaways video thumbnail

Filthy Lucre | Key Takeaways

Steve Brown
Friday October 11, 2019

christian life

“Money is a root of all kinds of evil.”  But it’s not JUST about money, is it? Discover what the Bible says about possessions and other potential idols as Steve teaches from I Timothy 6:6-10 in this freeing and refreshing short message given at Perimeter Church.