If It’s Really Finished

Steve Brown
Wednesday October 18, 2017

grace 101

When we agree with God’s declaration of what we are—needy, sinful and without a single thing to commend us before him—and that’s settled, we are free to be dangerous.


Steve’s Devotional – Hope for Prodigals

Steve Brown
Monday October 16, 2017

steve's devotional

The message of the gospel of Jesus Christ is one of great joy and great freedom. If Jesus radically changed things (and he did), why is it so hard to see a change? We can be dying inside. We can feel so guilty. We can sin so badly that we feel dirty all the time. We can be holding on “by our fingernails.” We can be bleeding from the wounds of life and from the wounds of other people. Yet when someone asks how we’re doing, what do we say? “Fine.” The honest fact is that we’re not fine.

Why I Left, Why I Stayed - Tony & Bart Campolo (Re-Air) video thumbnail

Why I Left, Why I Stayed - Tony & Bart Campolo (Re-Air)

Key Life
Monday October 16, 2017

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When a child who was raised in a Christian home leaves the faith, parents are heartbroken and often confused about how to handle the new family dynamic. Things get even more difficult when one of the parents is a famous evangelical pastor and the child who left spent his life in Christian ministry. Join Tony and Bart Campolo on SBE as they discuss their new book, ‘Why I Left, Why I Stayed: Conversations on Christianity Between an Evangelical Father and His Humanist Son.’

The Tears of Jesus - Part 1 video thumbnail

The Tears of Jesus - Part 1

Key Life
Friday October 13, 2017

steve's sermons

What do we do when life gets dark, empty, and lonely… when the pain just won’t go away? Getting more religious certainly doesn’t help, but Jesus can. Check out this message from Steve Brown as he watches Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane to see how he dealt with the darkness.