In Christ: My New Identity, by Trillia Newbell

Monday January 21, 2019

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I love conversion stories. Remembering my own brings tears to my eyes and fills my heart with gladness. I rejoice when I hear about a man steeped in the drug culture who turns from his ways or a woman who grew up in a religious home and finally comes to understand that her salvation is through faith alone by grace alone. All stories of God’s redeeming love are amazing, but the one that always moves me deeply is the conversion of Paul.

Shane J. Wood - Between Two Trees

Key Life
Monday January 21, 2019

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Life, death, and a whole lot of living. A lot happens Between Two Trees and Shane Wood is here to talk about his new book by that name on Steve Brown, Etc. In his book, he challenges us to embrace hope, love, and the beauty of reconciliation at the true tree of life: the cross of Calvary.

When Prodigals Go Back to the Pigs video thumbnail

When Prodigals Go Back to the Pigs

Key Life
Friday January 18, 2019

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Most of us believe that the prodigal son who came home in Luke 15 stayed at home, joined hands with his father, and lived happily ever after. It didn’t happen that way. It never does. We are always attracted back to the pig farm. Join Steve Brown for this message and you’ll see that the Gospel isn’t just for the lost. It’s for the saved too.

The Church and Women at Risk

Lindsey Holcomb
Thursday January 17, 2019


The Christian church has, at its best, been known for exemplary love and sacrificial service to “the least of these”—the poor, oppressed, and marginalized. Such service has provided a powerful witness for the gospel.

The Really Good News

Steve Brown
Wednesday January 16, 2019

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What is the purpose of God’s law? What is the best way to live? What does it mean to be a Christian? If you’re simply tired of constantly trying to make it on your own, I’ve got some really good news for you from God himself.