Being Out of Control | Key Takeaway

Steve Brown
Friday September 20, 2019

christian life

Control. We love it. We want it. And yet, as Steve points out in this short video, the need for control is the main cause for the loss of spiritual power. Watch and discover the surprising reason why being ‘out of control’ may be the key to God using us in powerful ways.


Making the Gospel Stick

Traylor Lovvorn
Tuesday September 17, 2019

christian life

I spent an entire decade afraid to come to the Father because of my hidden sin. I was desperately trying to fix myself and to get better on my own because that is what I thought God expected of me in the Christian life.

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Key Life
Friday September 13, 2019

jesus salvation

If anyone told you that you have to get dressed up to go to Jesus, they lied to you. Take one minute to watch this video and get a little something to think about that will brighten your day, give you a bit of hope and make a big difference.