Stress from an Expert | Key Takeaways

Steve Brown
Friday November 15, 2019

Do you feel stressed? Trick question: of course you do—we ALL do. But Steve has some really good news for beleaguered believers that can change everything and have you triumphantly declaring, “Quid Inferorum!”


Steve’s Devotional - Attracted to Self-Righteousness

Steve Brown
Monday November 11, 2019

steve's devotional

We forget how good the good news really is….and become the very thing Jesus came to prevent. Maybe we believe that we could not be that bad or that God’s grace could not be that good. Maybe it’s just that a religion of rules and righteousness is attractive because, frankly, we want to do it ourselves and get the credit for it. It could be that pride and self-righteousness are so much a part of us that we’re attracted to that which affirms it.

N.T. Wright | Natural Theology video thumbnail

N.T. Wright | Natural Theology

Key Life
Monday November 11, 2019


What is ‘natural theology’ and why should you care? Find out when Steve and the gang sit down with renowned theologian and author N.T. Wright to discuss his latest book.

When Jesus Leaves the Building video thumbnail

When Jesus Leaves the Building

Key Life
Friday November 8, 2019

steve's sermons

In Luke 4, we see that grace is Jesus’ job description. He came to bring good news and radical freedom to poor prisoners and sick sinners. When Jesus is in the building, it’s all good… but there is a kicker. Grace is only good news for those who need it. Join Steve to find out what on earth would make Jesus leave the building.