Be Thankful (Whether or Not You Feel Like It)

Steve Brown
Monday November 19, 2018

grace 101

I suppose we have to be thankful on Thanksgiving. The rest of the year we can “cuss and spit” and complain. But how can I be thankful? Each morning when I go to God, my prayer starts with my list of complaints, my fears and anxieties, and my list of things about which I am certainly not grateful. He always listens and waits until I’m spent. Then God says, “You through?”

Unfriended – Joe Battaglia

Key Life
Monday November 19, 2018


True community is important, but… how do we find it? Join Joe Battaglia on Steve Brown, Etc. as he talks about his new book, Unfriended: Finding True Community in a Disconnected Culture. Joe thinks we’ve never had more friends, and yet we’ve no one to meet for coffee, and he believes he knows how to fix that.

Speaking Truth to Power video thumbnail

Speaking Truth to Power

Key Life
Friday November 16, 2018

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How do you speak truth when it gets people angry? Or when they simply don’t care? Our culture has drastically changed and is in desperate need of truth. As Christians, we’re called to speak it. And speaking truth to power is more important now than ever. Watch as Steve teaches from Acts 5 about speaking our truth Jesus’ way.

How I Became a Spiritual Giant

Steve Brown
Wednesday November 14, 2018

christian life

Almost everything of any importance is found on the way to somewhere else. If you want to be accepted, seek it and you will never find it. If you want to be spiritual, work hard at it, and your lack of spirituality will rival that of a pagan. If you want humility and work at it, your pride will become your most outstanding trait.