Grace: The Heart of God

Steve Brown
Wednesday December 12, 2018

grace 101

Life simply won’t work without the safety net of God’s grace. If you’re like me, what defines you and your life includes your issues, your secrets, your need to achieve, your desire to please people and your ambition. It is therefore important to place grace at the very foundation of such a life to understand God’s unconditional acceptance and love. If you don’t and then fail big time (and we all will), your life will end up meaningless and empty.


A War of Loves – David Bennett

Key Life
Monday December 10, 2018


Today David Bennett’s on Steve Brown, Etc. with an unexpected story of being a gay activist who discovered Jesus. David’s going to talk about his supernatural encounter with God and his new book, A War of Loves.

The Song of the Angels video thumbnail

The Song of the Angels

Key Life
Friday December 7, 2018

incarnation jesus

​If you’re going through a dark time, hang on. When it gets dark enough, you can hear the angels sing. Join Steve Brown to hear the song of the angels to losers, nobodies, prostitutes, drunks, the needy, the fallen, and the hurt. It’s not that angels won’t sing to those who have it all together, it’s just that those people are too busy to listen.

Steve’s Devotional - How to be Christmas to the World

Steve Brown
Monday December 3, 2018

steve's devotional

As you may know, most of my life I’ve been a Scrooge about Christmas. While I still sometimes struggle with that, I’m a lot better. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I’m growing in Christ, maybe Anna’s Christmas spirit is transforming me or it could be that I’m no longer a pastor with all the work a pastor has to do at Christmas.