What Are My Feelings For?

Alex Early
Thursday June 21, 2018

christian life

Feelings. What on earth are my feelings for? How are feelings practical? What do they accomplish? If I feel one way, does that make me righteous? If I feel another way, does that make me sinful?


Steve’s Devotional – Love is Unnatural

Steve Brown
Monday June 18, 2018

steve's devotional

God makes a big deal out of love. In fact, our relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ are marked by love. Love is so central to the biblical message you would think that, even if we got everything else wrong, we would at least get love right. If God talks so much about love… Why do we love so little? Why don’t you love? Why don’t I love?

The Road to Dawn - Jared Brock video thumbnail

The Road to Dawn - Jared Brock

Key Life
Monday June 18, 2018

christian life pain & suffering

After 41 years as a slave, Josiah Henson escaped with his family and settled in Canada. He went on to rescue 118 more slaves, raise millions for the abolitionist movement, inspire the novel that ignited the Civil War, and even win a medal at the first World’s Fair in London. What’s even more amazing than this man’s life is the fact that few of us know his name. Join Jared Brock on SBE as he introduces you to Josiah Henson and talks about his new book, ‘The Road to Dawn: Josiah Henson and the Story That Sparked the Civil War.’

Parenting: The Father’s Father video thumbnail

Parenting: The Father’s Father

Key Life
Friday June 15, 2018

steve's sermons

There is a direct correlation between how you view God and how you will father and mother your children. That’s why it’s so important to get the doctrine right about our Father in heaven. God is not a monster or a child abuser. Watch this message with Steve teaching from Jesus’ story about the prodigal sons, and you’ll be on your way to being a parent who loves the way you have been loved.

Jackhammer Daddy’s Day is Coming

Pete Alwinson
Wednesday June 13, 2018

men parenting

Happy Father’s Day! Pete Alwinson loves being a dad: “Father’s Day draweth nigh. Daddy’s Day. I’m not going to lie; Daddy is one of my all-time favorite titles in one of my lifelong favorite roles.” How to prepare for Father’s Day.

Jesus Still Weeps

Steve Brown
Wednesday June 13, 2018

incarnation jesus salvation

What kind of God do you believe in? God as Creator and Sustainer of the universe. God as source of value and meaning. God as helper of the weak. God as Judge. While those images of God are all true, they are not complete. God is also One who weeps, whose sorrow is eternal.