Sarah Taras
Thursday April 20, 2017

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The thing is, we really do think that the law has the power to keep us in line. We look at other people who are screwing it all up (probably in the same ways that we are) and we grab the law, ball it up like a pair of dirty socks, and just lob it at them.




When it doesn’t work, we get flustered at them. Really flustered. We come up with a list of the reasons *cough* judgments *cough* why they refuse to just do the right thing like we told them to. We conveniently fail to remember that this approach never works on us either, but we are really into that whole self-righteous disillusionment thing.

Undone Redone - Tray & Melody Lovvorn

Key Life
Monday April 17, 2017

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After six years of being apart, their divorce just didn’t work out. It wasn’t buckling down and following Jesus’ 10 principles for a healthy marriage that fixed things. It was radical grace! Join Tray and Melody from UndoneRedone.com as they tell their story of sexual addiction, betrayal, and flying off the whirring performance treadmill only to crash right into God’s unconditional love.

Jesus Isn’t Superman

Alex Early
Thursday April 13, 2017

christian life

But Jesus isn’t Superman. In Christianity, Jesus not only saves us, but remains with us and takes on the role of being our Lord for every moment of every day starting with the present moment and extending throughout all eternity. Lordship implies that someone else is in charge, leading, and in total control.

A Nail in the Wall

Lauren R.E. Larkin
Tuesday April 11, 2017

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But over the past couple of days, I’ve come to realize that Luther’s imagery, while very apt to my situation as a stay-at-home-mom/wife and specifically articulated about womanhood in light of the curse, was actually an image that could be broadened to all of humanity.

It Hurts to Love You

Marci Preheim
Thursday April 6, 2017

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Sometimes it hurts to love you, you know? No, I realize that you don’t know. You’ve said as much; Why can’t you just be quiet? Why can’t we go back to the way it was? The things you say reveal that you don’t get it. Of course you want to go back. Back to when I carried our conflict in silence because you refused to look at it. Back to when I had to forgive, but you never had to acknowledge those things that needed forgiveness. Back to the time when it was up to me to sweep everything under the rug so you could maintain your façade of perfection to the world.

The Sunday Jumble

Chad West
Tuesday April 4, 2017

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Scripture is about as ubiquitous on social media as first day of school pictures and political rants. Before Facebook and Instagram, our grandmothers framed cross-stitched verses, and purchased various knickknacks emblazoned with the ones that touched their gray little hearts. That’s cool, I guess. But the temptation is to rip words from their context, misconstruing their intended meaning to warm our souls.

Undefended - Daniel Bush

Key Life
Monday April 3, 2017

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It’s natural to avoid pain and suffering, but what if lowering our defenses actually opens us up to the supernatural? Would an intimate experience with God be worth giving up self-protection? Join Dr. Daniel Bush on SBE as he talks with Steve and the crew about his new book, ‘Undefended: Discovering God When Your Guard Is Down.’