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For Pete’s Sake: 25 Years?

For Pete’s Sake: 25 Years?

MAY 13, 2021

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Did you know that Pete Alwinson has been a part of Key Life for over 25 years . . .

and, for even more years than that, Pete has been my close friend? I can hardly think of a time when Pete hasn’t been my friend, a part of my life, and a major asset to Key Life.

Pete Alwinson

Pete, as you know, writes great blogs for our Key Life website, and wrote a wonderful book, Like Father, Like Son, that has touched so many lives. Pete is one of the “voices” of Key Life, is my former pastor, and founded a men’s ministry, Forge, which resonates in incredible ways with men. Pete has also come into our network studio for over 25 years now, joining me in recording the Friday Q &A Key Life broadcasts. Maybe you didn’t know, but Pete has also served on the national Key Life board for all of those years, providing so much wisdom, balance, and insight through some good and not-so-good periods for this ministry. We share a lot of “war stories.”

In these 25 years, Pete and I have gotten older. Pete has turned “distinguished,” while I’ve turned as old as dirt. (In fact, it took me a long time to stop referring to Pete as “my young friend.”)  What a gift Pete has been—and continues to be—to all of us here at Key Life, to me personally, and to so many of you who have been touched by his presence and ministry.

In these 25 years, Pete has never wavered in his commitment to Christ, biblical truth, the church, Key Life, and God’s people. His friendship is one of the reasons I know God likes me a lot. In fact, if I were hanging over a cliff, I can’t think of anybody I would want to hold the rope more than Pete. He wouldn’t get distracted, smell the flowers, or chit-chat. Pete would hang on and never let go until I was safe. Come to think of it, that’s what he does . . . regularly.

Thank you, Pete. Let’s do another 25!

Key Life

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