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How to Reconnect to Your Creativity, Freedom and Power!

How to Reconnect to Your Creativity, Freedom and Power!

SEPTEMBER 24, 2022

/ Articles / How to Reconnect to Your Creativity, Freedom and Power!

by Allen Morris

At one time or another, we all find ourselves stuck. Maybe we are stuck in our profession, our business venture, or our marriage or relationships with our children or friends. There is a reason for this, and sometimes it’s not all of the other person‘s fault. Maybe you have bumped up against a blind spot of your own.

Blind Spots

Recently, I was in a hurry and I backed out of my garage, as I had done 1000 times before. I checked my rearview mirror, I looked out my side window Dash, all clear Dash, and stepped on the gas. I had places to go. I was abruptly jolted by the sound of metal on metal all the way down the side of my new Mercedes! What!? A visitor had parked in our driveway. My first reaction was anger! Then blame! – “How could you park there!? “ Then curiosity…

How could I not see something as big as a car only 10 feet away?! It was in my blind spot!

You can be very smart and very well educated but you still can’t see what’s right in front of you, in the same way you can’t see to cut your own hair!

Our blind spots are examples of the parts of ourselves hidden in what psychologists call our “shadow,” where we store our childhood experiences, our fears, pain and injuries that affect us today in ways we may not see. It can be dominant, affecting our current life choices and decisions, secretly directing our relationships and our career.

This can be an opportunity to be open to what you may not be seeing. You may need a confidential, wise, safe guide or counselor or a trusted group.


For me a journal can be an unexpected source of wisdom and insights, unique to us which we carry within ourselves and often we can’t see until we go back and read our own written words.

Disconnect to Reconnect

To reconnect with your creativity, freedom and power you need to change the rules of the game. Your game.

If you are a workaholic or an achievement addict, like I tend to be, it’s easy for me to become absorbed in the next task or achievement and to forget the powerful value of play, of dreaming, and of nature.

1. Give yourself “permission” to play – that means maybe doing something “unimportant” but fun. Whatever that looks like! Playfulness is powerful and we can access our creative energy. Our power is not in our perfection but in our passion.

2. Give yourself “permission” to dream and visualize your perfect life and perfect relationships. What do I want? What pictures help me visualize that? Hang them on the wall or stick them on your shaving mirror to see them every day.

3. Reconnect with the majesty and energy of nature – maybe it’s the ocean or seashore, the mountains or forest.


Affirmations are just reminders we need to keep hearing again because the messages are so important for us. Affirm your new awareness by turning each positive experience from your play, your dreams and visualization, and your messages from nature into simple positive affirmations of what you have begun to see and of the person you want to be. Affirmations are personal and yours will be different from mine.  

New Vision

Those of us who are hard driving and achievement focused are often trying to prove to ourselves that we are OK. Sometimes, that drive can dominate our lives, until we burn out, lose our joy and find ourselves stuck.

With a fresh new vision Journaling from our playful freedom, our dreaming and visualization, and our inspiring connection with nature we can take a fresh look at the question “What do I really want?”

Listen to our interview with Allen Morris on SBE here.

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