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Key Life Pastors’ Chat – Politics in the Church

Key Life Pastors’ Chat – Politics in the Church

FEBRUARY 23, 2016

/ Articles / Key Life Pastors’ Chat – Politics in the Church

Power struggles in the church chew pastors up and spit them out. One of the most dangerous things for a church leader is to be naive about that.

At Key Life, we hear so many horror stories from pastors who have been blindsided by politics in the church. They expected the church would be a safe place, but then came the hatred, the manipulation, and the lies. Many pastors end up fired wondering how it all went so horribly wrong.

If you’re a pastor, join Steve Brown as he chats with pastors Justin Holcomb and Kevin Labby. They’ll give you a cold bath in the reality of politics in the church and talk about the 10/90 principle that could save your butt. Church is not a safe place unless you make it a safe place.


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