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October’s Top 5 Posts

October’s Top 5 Posts

NOVEMBER 4, 2014

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Did you miss something radically freeing? Looking for a quick glance at what Key Life is all about? We have you covered. Here are the top 5 posts people have read and shared the most in October.

Key Life exists to communicate that the deepest message of the ministry of Jesus and the Bible is the radical grace of God to sinners and sufferers. We’re just beggars telling other beggars where we found bread, and based on the popularity of the following posts, people are hungry.

  1. Love the Sinner, Hate the Sin – “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” On paper it makes sense. But, as Robin DeMurga points out, there’s just one problem. It’s impossible.
  2. Halloween is Not Important – To trick-or-treat or not to trick-or-treat­—that is the question. Jessica Thompson brings some much needed perspective.
  3. The Dark Night of the Soul – Are you wandering around a spiritual wilderness and dying of thirst? Don’t miss this post by Steve Brown. 
  4. Steve’s Devotional – Obedience is Dangerous – The most dangerous threat to your walk with God is your obedience…when you’re aware of it. Read this devotional from Steve Brown to find out why.
  5. Grace for the Everyday – Grace isn’t just about coming to Jesus for forgiveness. Check out this short video from Steve Brown to hear how grace makes a difference in dirt-under-your-fingernails, everyday life.

We hope you’ll be fed by these posts and share them with family and friends. Our goal is to help get you and those you love Home with radical freedom, infectious joy and surprising faithfulness to Christ!

Key Life

Key Life

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