There’s an old story about a woman who cooked and ate a very expensive, exotic bird her son gave to her.

“You ate it?” he shouted when she told him. “That bird spoke seven languages.”

“Then,” she replied, “he should have said something.”

I should probably say something about money… but not much.

I know, I know. I don’t want to talk about money either. Still, it’s the end of the year, bills need to be paid, this is an expensive ministry, we’re doing good work, we’re honest, a lot of lives are changing and a lot of people are getting free.

So please help share the message of God's radical grace.

Besides, after all that Jesus has done for you it seems… Nah.

Do help financially if you can. Just click this link for all of your giving options. If you can’t give, say a prayer. I’ll be grateful for both and so will a lot of people who experience radical freedom, infectious joy and surprising faithfulness because you prayed or gave.



P.S. Key Life raises a large part of our budget at the end of the year. So, this is a great time to give. Also, I'm told that if you would like your gift to be tax-deductible in 2017, it should be postmarked in 2017. You can also donate online before midnight ET on December 31st. Or call 1-800-KEY-LIFE (1-800-539-5433) by 5 PM ET on December 29th to give over the phone.