We have received a number of complaints about our program with Jennifer Knapp and our post by Neal Salzman, "The Dignity of Homosexuality." Jennifer, as you may know, is a former contemporary Christian musician who has come out of the closet, and Neal's post addressed the dignity and depravity behind all of our behaviors. The concerns that have been raised center on why we didn't confront Jennifer (and LGBT people in general) with the Scriptures that condemn homosexuality.

Steve has been addressing the emails and comments privately, but we thought it may be helpful to read why we do what we do in the way we do it for those of you who haven't taken the time to write in. Here are some excerpts from Steve's responses:

With everything we do, we have decided to express our disagreements mildly. We do it that way because...

  1. Guests like Jennifer know the Scriptures and there is nothing we can say that hasn't been said to them a thousand times.
  2. Guests like Jennifer have been really beaten up for a long time and we try to treat them the way Jesus treated sinners (and that's everyone).
  3. A lot of the listeners to our program are nonbelievers or young Christians who, while they may disagree with Jennifer, would be horrified if we made the program polemical... and even more horrified if we won the argument.
  4. It is very important, in a teaching sense, to hold true to the Reformation doctrine of salvation by faith in Christ alone. That sometimes gets muddled when we add to that anything but Jesus. We are often asked if homosexuals can be saved and, of course, the proper Biblical answer is, "Yes," just like fat people, arrogant people and prideful preachers (like me), along with the angry, lustful and failed sinners like all of us.

It is important that the truth be clearly stated... kindly, lovingly and without compromise... the way Jesus did with everybody except the religious folks who were doing it right (Matthew 23). We may fail at that from time to time. When we do, I'm sorry.

So, there's a little peek behind the curtain. We hope it helps (and maybe reduces the correspondence load for our resident Old White Guy).

P.S. You may also want to watch this sermon from Steve about how to handle people who drive you nuts.