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The One Worth Finding Part 1 – The Lost Sheep

The One Worth Finding Part 1 – The Lost Sheep

DECEMBER 15, 2017

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Jesus wasn't very popular with religious folks, but the drunks, the hookers, and the traitors flocked to him. In fact, what drove the religious folks nuts about Jesus was how he hung out with all those sinners. Join Zach Van Dyke for this three-part series in Luke 15 and you'll see that Jesus is still befriending sinners today.

It’s been said that you shouldn’t feel guilty if your heart doesn’t break for the lost (that won’t do any good), but instead read Luke 15 until your heart does break for the lost. If you do read that chapter, you’ll see a joyous savior who loves to celebrate with the lost who’ve been found… and seeing Jesus that way will make you long for those who aren’t at the party.

In this series, Zach looks at Luke 15 to see that Jesus is communicating one message with three stories: the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost son. The first story shows us the mission of God, the second story reveals the heart of God, and the third story is about the surprising invitation of God. 

Watch The One Worth Finding Part 1 – The Lost Sheep with teaching from Luke 15:1-7. Then click here for the rest of the series

Also, don’t miss Zach and Erik Guzman on the Key Life radio program discussing these messages.

Zach Van Dyke

Zach Van Dyke

Zach Van Dyke is the teaching pastor at Summit Church in Orlando, Florida. He also teaches for Key Life and can be heard weekly on the nationally syndicated radio program Steve Brown, Etc. He was told from the time he was young that he would be a pastor one day. After attending Florida State and then moving to […]

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