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MARCH 6, 2021

/ Articles / Tranquility

by Eve Annunziato & Jackie Brewster

You will keep in perfect peace
those whose minds are steadfast,
because they trust in you.

Is peace a state of mind that comes naturally to you? Could you honestly say the words, “I feel completely at peace right now,” and truly feel it? In many ways, finding peace is a lost art. Your world may be filled with distractions and meaningless babble that capture your attention and warp your sense of reality. If you watch too much cable news, your perception might be that the world is one step away from disaster. Binge too many fantasy features and you might get a warped sense of how your relationships should look. Or playing too much of the comparison game with your neighbors might make you feel inadequate. A sense of comfort can be difficult to come by if you are looking in all the wrong places. According to Scripture, there’s only one way for you to find and feel a sincere peace that fills your heart and spirit. That is via a mind that is unswervingly toward Christ—meaning you are in harmony with Him and rooted in His Word.

Put your trust in His promise; it’s a much more beautiful melody than the noise of the world.


It is imperative for ONES to continually renew their minds with the Word of Christ. Spending time in Scripture and reading truth will ground them and help them feel more secure in their “yes” and “no” responses.

Awareness for Ones: When your trust is in the Lord and your mind is being renewed, peace will be with you. You won’t get caught up in asking yourself, “Am I good?” You will know you are good because you are a child of God. This week as you meditate on Isaiah 26:3, ask the Lord to quiet your inner critic as you set your mind on things above. Write down the words you hear your inner critic whispering to you. Ask the Lord to take those words captive so you will havepeace as you trust in the Lord.


Journaling is a great exercise for TWOS. Writing down on paper what they are really feeling helps them form their thoughts. This type of reflection brings them peace.

Awareness for Twos: Spending time reflecting on the Word of God that is truth will help you put things into perspective. When you can center your thoughts on God, you are able to put your trust in Him. This week as you meditate on Isaiah 26:3, allow yourself to feel God’s perfect peace as you write down several ways you have put your trust in the Lord. As you journal, stay present in the moment and recognize the blessing of a renewed mind.


THREES find peace doing something for themselves that is not tied to achieving. They no longer chase people’s approval, because they give themselves permission to be who Christ created them to be.

Awareness for Threes: When you are able to reflect on who God is, you find that your trust in Christ grows because you understand that He is Jehovah Jireh—our Provider. This week as you meditate on Isaiah 26:3, recognize the peace you have experienced from simply putting your trust in Christ. Write down the ways


For FOURS, finding peace often means quieting their minds. They can get caught up guessing what will happen in situations and sometimes will replay events over and over until their anxiety level is overwhelming.

Awareness for Fours: Giving yourself permission to explore Scripture through a creative outlet can help you re-center yourself and remember your trust is found in Christ alone. This week as you meditate on Isaiah 26:3, allow yourself to see the benefit of seeking the Word of God first in all you do. Write down several ways in which you have experienced an overwhelming sense of peace because you have put your trust in Christ.


FIVES often find peace when retreating into their “own space.” They require and value a lot of alone time. They also gain peace of mind best by rooting their thoughts in the Word of God and quieting the constant need to investigate.

Awareness for Fives: Find how to trust in Christ by spending time learning His ways and recognizing that His ways are better than your own ways. This week as you meditate on Isaiah 26:3, allow yourself to see the benefit of seeking the Word of God first in all you do. Write down several ways in which you have experienced an overwhelming sense of peace because you have put your trust in Christ.


SIXES find inner peace through physical activity. By walking, doing yoga, hiking, gardening, or maybe even bike riding, they begin to awaken other parts of their bodies. This can help them process anxiety. Getting out of their own heads and not overthinking is key to finding peace in their day-to-day lives.

Awareness for Sixes: Connecting with God through physical activity allows you to process information while stimulating both sides of your brain. This week as you meditate on Isaiah 26:3, allow yourself to bring to mind scriptures that speak truth about who you are as you engage in a physical activity you enjoy. As you renew your mind through scriptures, ask God to quiet your anxiety. Rest in the peace that comes from spending time on yourself and being in the word of God.


The key to finding peace for SEVENS is to allow themselves to slow down and sit in the presence of God. They keep themselves moving to avoid painful feelings or memories that might come with slowing down. However, God desires to give them peace through a relationship with Him. But relationships take time to build, and trust has to be established. Understanding this allows them to be vulnerable.

Awareness for Sevens: As you spend time in the Word of God, your trust will grow and you will get a sense of peace. This week as you reflect on Isaiah 26:3, find a quiet place to spend some time meditating on this scripture. Allow yourself to sit in the presence of God and invite His peace into your mind. Write down the ways He has proven that He is trustworthy and that He cares for you.


For EIGHTS, finding peace in their lives will happen when they surrender to God. He is constantly pursuing them, knowing the peace they desire is found only in Him—not in their ability to take charge or control situations. Although they have the natural gift of leadership, their true peace and desire comes from seeking God in all they do and in all the ways they lead.

Awareness for Eights: Spend time in the Word of God to grow your trust in Him. This week as you meditate on Isaiah 26:3, allow yourself to trust that God is working behind the scenes on your behalf and that He is in full control. Write down the ways in which you have found peace in your mind as you have surrendered to His will and plan.


For NINES, finding peace will require them to speak up when they have something to say. As they lean into the Word of God and learn more about who they are in Christ, they will feel more confident to share more thoughts and share themselves with the world.

Awareness for Nines: This week as you meditate on Isaiah 26:3, recognize how renewing your mind with the word of God allows you to trust in God’s timing. You are able to feel confident that He has your best interest at heart. Write down several biblical truths about who Christ says you are. Reflect on these thoughts often since they will bring you peace.

Listen to our interview with Eve and Jackie on SBE here.

Eve Annunziato is an Emmy Award-winning journalist who segued from news writing and reporting to ministry leadership roles at some of the fastest-growing churches in the country. A freelance producer and writer, she loves spending time at her farmhouse outside Nashville, Tennessee, where she lives with her husband, Charlie Neese, and their two kids. 

Jackie Brewster,
a certified Enneagram coach, consults with teams and individuals, leading them toward finding the best version of themselves in their work and personal environments by identifying their unique personality type through the teachings of the Enneagram and biblical truth. Leaning on their many years of church ministry experience, Jackie and her husband, Stephen, own a consulting company while raising their four children in Franklin, Tennessee.

Adapted from Hearing God Speak: A 52-Week Interactive Enneagram Devotional. Copyright © 2021 by Eve Annunziato and Jackie Brewster. To be published by Ink & Willow, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC, on February 9, 2021.

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