Steve Brown, Etc. is a nationally syndicated talk show featuring discussion, comedy, and interviews designed to explore what it’s like to live out Steve Brown’s teaching on grace and freedom.

Love him or hate him, Steve always draws a crowd. For over 25 years, as founder and president of Key Life Network, Steve's unique blend of orthodoxy and controversy, humor and profundity, and a refusal to play religious games, has attracted some interesting folks. Steve Brown, Etc. is a show where you can hang out with Steve "and the rest" and experience radical freedom, infectious joy and maybe even a bit of surprising faithfulness.

Recent STEVE BROWN, ETC. Broadcasts

Last Call for Liberty - Dr. Os Guinness

Aired On: Monday December 3, 2018

What is American Freedom? Os Guinness says that's the problem. We're fighting like cats and dogs to define the heart of a nation. And the questions for Christians becomes how we're good citizens in such a divided nation. Join Os Guinness as he...

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Jake Luhrs - Mountains (Re-air)

Aired On: Monday November 26, 2018

Jake Luhrs from August Burns Red and Heart Support is here on Steve Brown, Etc. to talk about his new Devotional, Mountains.  Jake is a grammy-nominated front man for August Burns Red, who have sold over a half million albums. He's also...

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Unfriended – Joe Battaglia

Aired On: Monday November 19, 2018

True community is important, but... how do we find it? Join Joe Battaglia on Steve Brown, Etc. as he talks about his new book, Unfriended: Finding True Community in a Disconnected Culture. Joe thinks we've never had more friends, and yet we've no...

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Mission Work in the Middle East

Aired On: Monday November 12, 2018

Our guest today could be killed if we said his name. He puts it all on the line to work as a missonary in the Middle East. He's been imprisoned, played a part in the Egyptian uprising, and reaches out to refugees and Yazidi girls. You're gonna want...

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Lies Men Believe – Robert Wolgemuth

Aired On: Monday November 5, 2018

You ever think lies are holding you back from freedom, joy, and intimacy with God? Robert Wolgemuth is here to talk about Lies Men Believe on Steve Brown, Etc. Robert is the best-selling author of over twenty books, including She Calls me Daddy, The...

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The Cure – John Lynch

Aired On: Monday October 29, 2018

What if God isn't who you think he is? ...What if you aren't either? If religion has left you wounded, angry, and cynical, John Lynch from Trueface is here with The Cure on this episode of Steve Brown, Etc. John Lynch was a pastor for 27...

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Defiant Joy – Stasi Eldredge

Aired On: Monday October 22, 2018

What do you do when life is falling apart all around you? Do you paste on a fake smile and pretend everything's okay? Stasi Eldredge is here to talk about a better way from her new book, Defiant Joy: Taking Hold of Hope, Beauty, and Life in a...

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Always Be Ready – Hugh & Kathy Ross

Aired On: Monday October 15, 2018

Sometimes, we see sharing our faith as scary. Hugh and Kathy Ross see it as an adventure! Join Hugh and Kathy Ross on this episode of Steve Brown, Etc. as they talk about their adventures in the faith from their new book, Always be Ready: A Call to...

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