Steve Brown, Etc. is a nationally syndicated talk show featuring discussion, comedy, and interviews designed to explore what it’s like to live out Steve Brown’s teaching on grace and freedom.

Love him or hate him, Steve always draws a crowd. For over 25 years, as founder and president of Key Life Network, Steve's unique blend of orthodoxy and controversy, humor and profundity, and a refusal to play religious games, has attracted some interesting folks. Steve Brown, Etc. is a show where you can hang out with Steve "and the rest" and experience radical freedom, infectious joy and maybe even a bit of surprising faithfulness.

Recent STEVE BROWN, ETC. Broadcasts

Andrew Farley - Twisted Scripture

Aired On: Monday May 20, 2019

What if some of the truths you hold dear about the Bible are actually, well... not true? Andrew Farley is here on Steve Brown, Etc. today to say that at least 45 things you might have been told about Scripture are lies. Andrew Farley is the...

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Michael Card - Inexpressible

Aired On: Monday May 13, 2019

Michael Card has written 48,000 English words to explain a single, Hebrew word. Oh! But, what a word! Let's talk about it on Steve Brown, Etc. Michael Card is an award-winning musician and performing artist. He's earned a Master's degree in...

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Chad Bird - Upside-Down Spirituality

Aired On: Monday May 6, 2019

Have you ever had your world turned upside down? If not, it's time! Let's talk about it with Chad Bird, on Steve Brown, Etc!  Chad Bird has served as a pastor, professor, lecturer, and is now a truck driver and writer. He's written...

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Nick Lannon - Life is Impossible

Aired On: Monday April 29, 2019

So, you think life is hard? Think again: It's impossible! But that's a good thing. Let's talk with Nick Lannon on today's Steve Brown, Etc. about his new book, Life is Impossible: And That's Good News. Nick Lannon is a graduate of the University of...

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Noel Jesse Heikkinen - Wretched Saints

Aired On: Monday April 22, 2019

Maybe you think you don't need forgiveness, or maybe you think you're too bad to get forgiveness. You're both wrong, according to today's guest. The bad news is you're a lot worse than you think you are, the good news is... well, let's talk about...

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David Zahl - Seculosity

Aired On: Monday April 15, 2019

You might not know the word Seculosity, but you've definitely experienced it! It's David Zahl on this episode of Steve Brown, Etc. talking about his new book, Seculosity: How Career, Parenting, Technology, Food, Politics, and Romance Became Our...

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Frank Viola - The Shocking Views of Great Christians

Aired On: Monday April 8, 2019

Get ready to clutch your pearls! We're delving into the shocking views of great Christians with Frank Viola on this edition of Steve Brown, Etc! Frank Viola is a speaker, serves as the consultant to other writers, and is the author of more than 20...

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Jordan Raynor - Called to Create

Aired On: Monday April 1, 2019

Is the way you view work working? Let's talk about Creating on this episode of Steve Brown, Etc! Jordan Raynor is here to talk about his new book, Called to Create: A Biblical Invitation to Create, Innovate and Risk. He says God is a creator...

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