Steve Brown, Etc. is a nationally syndicated talk show featuring discussion, comedy, and interviews designed to explore what it’s like to live out Steve Brown’s teaching on grace and freedom.

Love him or hate him, Steve always draws a crowd. For over 25 years, as founder and president of Key Life Network, Steve's unique blend of orthodoxy and controversy, humor and profundity, and a refusal to play religious games, has attracted some interesting folks. Steve Brown, Etc. is a show where you can hang out with Steve "and the rest" and experience radical freedom, infectious joy and maybe even a bit of surprising faithfulness.

Recent STEVE BROWN, ETC. Broadcasts

Shane J. Wood - Between Two Trees

Aired On: Monday January 21, 2019

Life, death, and a whole lot of living. A lot happens Between Two Trees and Shane Wood is here to talk about his new book by that name on Steve Brown, Etc. In his book, he challenges us to embrace hope, love, and the beauty of reconciliation at...

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Dee Coleman & Lindsey Holcomb - Samaritan Village

Aired On: Monday January 14, 2019

Sex Trafficking. It's a horrible problem with a surprising solution. Join Dee Coleman and Lindsey Holcomb on Steve Brown, Etc. to talk about it. What it is, how it happens, and how to begin to stop it. Lindsey Holcomb is the communication...

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Know How We Got Our Bible - Dr. Ryan Reeves (Re-Air)

Aired On: Monday January 7, 2019

You ever wonder how we got the Bible? Or if scripture is reliable? Join Dr. Ryan Reeves on Steve Brown, Etc. today to answer those questions and more as he talks about his new book, Know How We Got Our Bible. Dr. Ryan Reeves is Associate Professor...

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Andrew Petiprin - Truth Matters (Re-Air)

Aired On: Monday December 31, 2018

Wanna connect Christian doctrine to real life? Join Andrew Petiprin, author of Truth Matters: Knowing God and Yourself, and see how you don’t just decide who God is, but you look at the facts and let God define Himself. Christian doctrine isn’t...

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The Show Before Christmas

Aired On: Monday December 24, 2018

Steve Brown and the gang celebrate Christmas (in their own grinchy way) by talking about their favorite Christmas memories, the worst gift they ever got, and even some more serious topics (Yeah, we're trying some new things) like how we can really...

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Susie - Ray Rhodes

Aired On: Monday December 17, 2018

Lots of people know Charles Spurgeon, but not as many know the story of his wife, Susannah. Ray Rhodes literally wrote the book on her story and he's here on Steve Brown Etc. to talk about Susie: The Life and Legacy of Susannah Spurgeon, wife of...

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A War of Loves – David Bennett

Aired On: Monday December 10, 2018

Today Dr. David Bennett's on Steve Brown, Etc. with an unexpected story of being a gay activist who discovered Jesus. David's going to talk about his supernatural encounter with God and his new book, A War of Loves.  David is a candidate for a...

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Last Call for Liberty - Dr. Os Guinness

Aired On: Monday December 3, 2018

What is American Freedom? Os Guinness says that's the problem. We're fighting like cats and dogs to define the heart of a nation. And the questions for Christians becomes how we're good citizens in such a divided nation. Join Os Guinness as he...

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