Chad West

Chad West is author of the upcoming book The Lies We Live, a co-host on Steve Brown, Etc., and the anti-social social media guy at Key Life Network. He has a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, has published a novel and a book of short stories, and hates black licorice.

Articles By Chad West

Sometimes, We Suck

Thursday August 31, 2017

christian life

Holier-than-thou lectures on sin never did nothing but make the listener’s eyes roll at the puritanical pride of the lecturer.

I’m Tired of Being Right

Tuesday August 1, 2017

christian life

I’m also tired of picking sides. It’s not just red or blue politics, or even Christian and non. It’s this denomination, and that denomination, male and female, black and white, bible versions, high church or low church.

Hope for Dirtbags Like Me

Thursday June 29, 2017

christian life

I want to go to a church where a doctor and a prostitute can bump into each other at the entrance like a bad dirty joke, and walk in holding hands, laughing, and nobody thinks a thing. Because they both know they’re sinners. And they both know they’re loved. You may believe that’s nuts. You may shake your head and remember all the Pharisees you know, and the shame in your own heart, and know it will never happen.

Is My Repentance Enough?

Thursday May 25, 2017

christian life

I am a robust sinner. You’d think it was my second job to lower myself into the inky depths of sin until it stains me so deeply everyone could see. But not everyone sees. I mean, I know the correct clothes to wear to cover up the stains.

Be Not a Jerk

Tuesday May 2, 2017

christian life

I don’t mind being honest about my failures. I’m probably too honest at times. But you know what keeps me from being more honest than I am? It’s not because I’m scared of losing my witness. It’s not because I’m afraid of seeming like a failure. It’s because some people in the church are so darn judgmental. Way more judgmental than the world.

The Sunday Jumble

Tuesday April 4, 2017

christian life

Scripture is about as ubiquitous on social media as first day of school pictures and political rants. Before Facebook and Instagram, our grandmothers framed cross-stitched verses, and purchased various knickknacks emblazoned with the ones that touched their gray little hearts. That’s cool, I guess. But the temptation is to rip words from their context, misconstruing their intended meaning to warm our souls.