Chad West

Chad West is a writer, former pastor, and the social media guy for Key Life Network. He is also a ginger who recently moved to Central Florida, which reveals the depths of his neurotic need to punish himself for his sins. In addition to having a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Chad has written a book of short stories.

Articles By Chad West

Our Brutal Witness

Thursday January 5, 2017

christian life

The world is drowning and we’re yelling at them from the safety of the shore about how they should have taken swimming lessons.

Should I Halloween?

Tuesday October 25, 2016

christian life

In years past, really religious people were always trying to make me be less joyful. My humility restrains me from being too frank, but I was rather delightful. As difficult as it is to believe, some people hate delight in all its splendiferous forms.

No More Do Better Religion

Tuesday October 11, 2016

christian life

It’s really no wonder that a great big chunk of the world thinks that the message of Christianity is the same message as Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, that is: Be excellent to one another!

The Wrongness of Being Right

Tuesday September 20, 2016

christian life

He was right, but something about the way in which he was right felt very wrong. I couldn’t put into words what it was that I was feeling, but I knew that the way he’d responded wasn’t Christian, even though he is.

Looking for Meaning in a Box Full of Meaning

Tuesday August 16, 2016

christian life

All my life, I wanted to do something special. My heart ached with hunger for some reason to beat. I dreamed of success that led to peace. It’s probably why I went into ministry. Besides the religious expectation that anyone showing a serious interest in Christianity must be destined to be a pastor, I wanted meaning. The problem was that once I had a meaningful calling, I started asking myself if it was meaningful enough.

Car Wreck Christianity

Tuesday July 26, 2016

christian life
We Christians seem to think the world's problem is a behavioral one. And if the problem is bad behavior, then the solution must be good behavior. And, while we're sinners too, we know the truth. So,...