Chad West

Chad West is author of the upcoming book The Lies We Live, a co-host on Steve Brown, Etc., and social media guru at Key Life Network. He has a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, has published a novel and a book of short stories, and has a trick knee.

Articles By Chad West

The Sunday Jumble

Tuesday April 4, 2017

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Scripture is about as ubiquitous on social media as first day of school pictures and political rants. Before Facebook and Instagram, our grandmothers framed cross-stitched verses, and purchased various knickknacks emblazoned with the ones that touched their gray little hearts. That’s cool, I guess. But the temptation is to rip words from their context, misconstruing their intended meaning to warm our souls.

Love for Losers

Tuesday March 21, 2017

christian life

There’s nothing seemingly rational about the way in which God shows affection to his creation. When we talk about love, we attach all of these catches, just to make sure nobody that doesn’t deserve loves accidentally gets some splashed on them. But, God, he turns the bucket completely over.

We Suck at Christianity—But That’s Kind of the Point

Tuesday January 31, 2017

christian life

We’ve gotten the wrongheaded idea that whatever we do in the name of God must be okay because we’re doing it in the name of God. So, every time we do or say something that gets a non-believer angry, we smile to ourselves and think, “Thank you, Jesus. You said they’d hate us just like they hated you.” We’ve got that sentiment all kinds of wrong. If you look at the ministry of Jesus, the lost were far less likely to get angry at him than were the religious types. Moreover, the lost were actually drawn to Jesus.

Our Brutal Witness

Thursday January 5, 2017

christian life

The world is drowning and we’re yelling at them from the safety of the shore about how they should have taken swimming lessons.

Should I Halloween?

Tuesday October 25, 2016

christian life

In years past, really religious people were always trying to make me be less joyful. My humility restrains me from being too frank, but I was rather delightful. As difficult as it is to believe, some people hate delight in all its splendiferous forms.

No More Do Better Religion

Tuesday October 11, 2016

christian life

It’s really no wonder that a great big chunk of the world thinks that the message of Christianity is the same message as Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, that is: Be excellent to one another!