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The Monday After Sunday

Key Life
Friday January 20, 2017

steve's sermons

After the Prodigal Son came home from the pig farm, after his father welcomed him with wine, food, and music, he still had to get up the day after the celebration and go back to work in the fields. It’s the same way on Mondays. How do you keep truckin’ without forgetting the taste of Sunday’s wine and the sound of Sunday’s worship? Join Steve to find out.


Sorry Not Sorry

Matt Johnson
Thursday January 19, 2017

christian life

When I was about seven or eight years old, me and a buddy peed in a neighbor kid’s bike helmet when he wasn’t looking. Just for fun. Unknowingly, he put it back on his head.

All in on Grace - Matt Johnson video thumbnail

All in on Grace - Matt Johnson

Key Life
Monday January 16, 2017

christian life relationships

Forgiveness is a nice idea until someone hurts you badly enough to need it. But our demands for changed behavior before we forgive will clog our arteries with bitterness and kill relationships. It’s better to bet everything on grace and just let it go. Join Key Life author Matt Johnson on SBE as he discusses that and more.

In an Impossible Situation

Steve Brown
Wednesday January 11, 2017

christian life

Jesus just couldn’t get away from all the people who needed him. Jesus went away to a lonely place to rest and to pray in Mark 6, only to have a hungry crowd of five thousand meet him…with no fast food in sight. That is what I’d call an impossible situation.