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The Song of the Angels

Key Life
Friday December 2, 2016

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​If you’re going through a dark time, hang on. When it gets dark enough, you can hear the angels sing. Join Steve Brown to hear the song of the angels to losers, nobodies, prostitutes, drunks, the needy, the fallen, and the hurt. It’s not that angels won’t sing to those who have it all together, it’s just that those people are too busy to listen.

The History of Advent - Quick Explanation video thumbnail

The History of Advent - Quick Explanation

Ryan Reeves
Thursday December 1, 2016


When in history did the celebration of Advent begin in Christian churches? Check out this short explanation from Dr. Ryan Reeves, Assistant Professor of Historical Theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. You’ll hear how Advent arose around Christmas in the 4th century, and how Advent in history is different than Advent today.

Do You Still Love Me? by Sarah Taras

Guest Bloggers
Tuesday November 29, 2016

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The cross is evidence that God will continue to love us no matter what. “But because of His great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ, even when we were dead in our trespasses. It is by grace you have been saved! (Ephesians 2:5) When we bring our confessions of failure to God, we get to be reminded once again that he really does love us, on the days that we are bad as much as he does on those days we think we are good. When we hear that word of absolution, “I love you, no matter what”, it sets our hearts free and we long to draw even closer to our Heavenly Father.

Steve’s Devotional - Don’t Block the Light

Steve Brown
Monday November 28, 2016

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I suspect that, if the innkeeper had known the whole story, he would have made room in his inn. If he was savvy in marketing, he could have made a buck or two on it. If he really knew, he could have created a “Jesus Suite” and advertised it in the newspapers…maybe even put up a bronze plaque that read: “Jesus was born here.”

Life with a Capital L - Matt Heard video thumbnail

Life with a Capital L - Matt Heard

Key Life
Monday November 28, 2016

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Religion will make you weird (or worse). That’s why, when you think about being godly, it’s good to remember that God’s big idea was to become human. Join Matt Heard on SBE for a discussion of his book, ‘Life with a Capital L: Embracing Your God-Given Humanity.’ Hear that Jesus didn’t come to show us how to deny our humanity, but rather celebrate it!

The Sound of Exploding Wineskins video thumbnail

The Sound of Exploding Wineskins

Key Life
Friday November 25, 2016

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The church is changing, and God has called us to put new wine into new wineskins. The church’s old wineskins are about the hardening of institutional arteries and control. However, the cross of Christ has removed that leverage. Join Steve as he teaches from Matthew 9:9-17 and drink from God’s freeing fountain of unconditional love, forgiveness and contagious laughter.