Kendra Fletcher

Kendra went to school at the University of the Pacific, majoring in Vocal Performance. She prefers opera over pop and tennis over football (although give her a good San Francisco Giants game any day). Beach over mountains and tea over coffee.

She's married to Fletch and has 8 fun-loving children entrusted to her home.

She blogs and podcasts at HomeschoolingIRL, where she and Fletch tackle the not-so-pretty and the very good of homeschooling with humor and tongues in cheek.

Since 2006, it's been her passion and privilege to encourage other moms beginning their homeschool journeys with little ones underfoot.

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I Found My Baby in a Coma

Tuesday February 14, 2017

pain & suffering

I came face to face with what my nightmares had been made of: my tiny baby boy was barely breathing, his eyes were rolled back into his head, his lips were blue.

What Does It Mean When You Say Jesus is Enough?

Thursday December 8, 2016

christian life

There’s no checklist. There’s only Jesus. He loves us so fully, that out of that love poured out over our lives, we are compelled to want to be like Him, to follow Him, to be changed in every nook and cranny by Him. By Him.

On Authenticity

Thursday November 3, 2016

christian life

It’s easy to put forward exactly what we want others to see. When we don’t feel safe, when we feel as if we must meet an unspoken expectation or rise to someone else’s idea of us, it’s even easier to drop our authenticity and just communicate with calculated precision only the areas we are willing to uncover.

Let’s Celebrate Failed Relationships

Thursday October 13, 2016

christian life marriage

There’s a popular fashion magazine with covers so tantalizing, I often turn them around in the grocery checkout. The model on the front is always presenting herself in some sort of a “come hither” pose accompanied by clothing that almost-but-not-quite covers practically anything at all.

What it Means to Be a “Special Needs Mother”

Thursday September 22, 2016

christian life family parenting

I live each day in a state of heightened stress. I used to say that the hardest thing about mothering is that you never feel like you are truly “off “, and that you always have to be aware of what is going on. Having a special needs child amps that up by about 3,000,000,000%. In the past month alone,