Pete Alwinson serves as Vice-President of Leadership and Men’s Discipleship at Key Life Network.

He is the founding pastor of Willow Creek Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Winter Springs (Orlando), Florida, where he served for 26 years as Senior Pastor. He has served churches in California, Illinois, Connecticut and Florida.

Pete is a graduate of Biola College in Communications, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (M.Div) and Reformed Theological Seminary (D. Min) in Oviedo, Florida. He was one of the first speakers to join the faculty of Man in the Mirror and is asked to fill in for Pat Morley on occasion at Man in the Mirror Bible Study in Winter Park, Florida. Currently he is on the Board of Man in the Mirror.

Pete is also an Adjunct Professor at Reformed Theological Seminary in Oviedo, Florida. He is on the Board of Key Life Network, and can be heard weekly on the Key Life Question and Answer segment with Steve each Friday.

Articles By Pete Alwinson

Dads by Grace

Saturday November 22, 2014

family men parenting

I am my kids’ dad. I’m not going to lie, to me the title “Dad” is the designation of a high and holy status that when spoken to me by my kids produces heart skipping moments of joy.

Pastoring Beneath the Surface

Wednesday October 8, 2014


“What are the top 3 things you either would never have done and/or have done but done differently in ministry and why/how?” –Bishop Jayson Quinones. I thought he was my friend until he asked me that question. It’s the beneath the surface issues that make pastoring so challenging, and the reason why around 5,000 of us leave the pastorate each month.

A Real Man is a Son…First

Saturday September 27, 2014


Who are you really? As God’s son (perhaps contrary to the relationship you had with your earthly father), you are forever loved by our Father God. Check out Pete Alwinson’s blog. He has some great news for you.

Rage and Grace

Wednesday September 10, 2014

christian life men

What fuels your rage like gas on flame? Rage frightens our children, intimidates our spouses, terrifies our neighbors, scorches coworkers, and galvanizes our bosses to begin finding a way to eliminate our position. In addition it can eviscerate our identity as Christ followers.

Forget Approval

Wednesday August 20, 2014

christian life men

Don’t try to get people to approve of you. That is the sure road to exhaustion, disappointment and slavery. It’s God’s approval that matters. And we already have that.

Crossing Over to the Adventure

Wednesday June 25, 2014

christian life

What’s your definition of life? Is it an adventure…or a constant need to prove your identity as Somebody? Pete Alwinson with the good news of grace.