Steve Brown, Etc. is a nationally syndicated talk show featuring discussion, comedy, and interviews designed to explore what it’s like to live out Steve Brown’s teaching on grace and freedom.

Love him or hate him, Steve always draws a crowd. For over 25 years, as founder and president of Key Life Network, Steve's unique blend of orthodoxy and controversy, humor and profundity, and a refusal to play religious games, has attracted some interesting folks. Steve Brown, Etc. is a show where you can hang out with Steve "and the rest" and experience radical freedom, infectious joy and maybe even a bit of surprising faithfulness.

Recent STEVE BROWN, ETC. Broadcasts

Parenting with Grace - Paul Tripp

Aired On: Monday October 24, 2016

The love parents have for their children can easily turn into pressure to do everything right, to make sure they grow up good and godly (or at the very least get straight As and become captain of the soccer team). What does it look...

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Look - Jim Gilmore

Aired On: Monday October 17, 2016

Changing the way you see the world can change everything. But how? How can we overcome biases we don't even know we have and gain new perspective? For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, let them join Jim Gilmore on Steve...

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Marriage and the Mystery of the Gospel - Ray Ortlund

Aired On: Monday October 10, 2016

Marriage is a big deal, but maybe not for the reasons you think. When two imperfect people make vows of unfailing love, they are doing way more than committing to a lifetime together. They are revealing eternity. Join Ray Ortlund on Steve...

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Every Season Prayers - Scotty Smith

Aired On: Monday October 3, 2016

True spirituality is simply desperation, and a meaningful prayer life can feel a lot like gasping for air. Because of God's love and radical grace, you can be more real and raw with him than you ever imagined. Join Scotty Smith on Steve Brown, Etc....

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Living Love in Disasters - Curt Moore

Aired On: Monday September 26, 2016

Devastating hurricanes, catastrophic flooding, whole communities left in ruins... where is God when disaster strikes? Those standing in the muck get to see him. They have eyes to see who's driving the trucks full of water and food. They see...

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Being There - Dave Furman

Aired On: Monday September 19, 2016

Dave Furman grew up loving Taekwondo, and playing tennis and football, but 10 years ago he developed a nerve disorder in his arms that left him disabled and in constant pain. Dave wanted to change the world, but he couldn't...

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The Art of Law and Gospel - RJ Grunewald (Re-Air)

Aired On: Monday September 12, 2016

We have some bad news and some good news. The bad news is that you're a lot worse than you think. The good news is that God's grace is bigger than you can think. Join RJ Grunewald on Steve Brown, Etc. for a discussion of his new book, The...

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Of Souls and Snowflakes - Tiffany Childs

Aired On: Monday September 5, 2016

Don't you think adopting frozen embryos should get God's blessing? Things should go smoothly for someone who decides to offer her family and even her body to save lives, right? That's not what happened when Tiffany Childs...

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