Steve Brown, Etc. is a nationally syndicated talk show featuring discussion, comedy, and interviews designed to explore what it’s like to live out Steve Brown’s teaching on grace and freedom.

Love him or hate him, Steve always draws a crowd. For over 25 years, as founder and president of Key Life Network, Steve's unique blend of orthodoxy and controversy, humor and profundity, and a refusal to play religious games, has attracted some interesting folks. Steve Brown, Etc. is a show where you can hang out with Steve "and the rest" and experience radical freedom, infectious joy and maybe even a bit of surprising faithfulness.

Recent STEVE BROWN, ETC. Broadcasts

Good News for Weary Women - Elyse Fitzpatrick

Aired On: Monday November 10, 2014

Women, you are not your to-do list. You are not your job or your family. You are not your artfully prepared, organic and locally-sourced meals. You are not your quiet time and you are not your yoga pants. So, who are you and where can that person...

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Hide or Seek - John Freeman

Aired On: Monday November 3, 2014

Pornography, lust, sexual addiction... how can God's radical grace break the cycle of defeat and shame? Join John Freeman on Steve Brown, Etc. as he talks about his new book, Hide or Seek: When Men Get Real with God About Sex. God's...

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Miracles - Eric Metaxas

Aired On: Monday October 27, 2014

Has God given up on the supernatural or is there proof miracles are still changing lives today? Join Eric Metaxas on Steve Brown, Etc. for a discussion of his new book, Miracles: What They Are, Why They Happen, and How They Can Change Your...

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Ordinary - Michael Horton

Aired On: Monday October 20, 2014

Are you missing out on the radical adventure Jesus promised? What if the definition of the victorious Christian life is just keeping your nose above water? Join Michael Horton on Steve Brown, Etc. for a freeing discussion of his new...

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Grace in Practice - Paul Zahl

Aired On: Monday October 13, 2014

You're loved, forgiven and free! Now what? Join Paul Zahl on Steve Brown, Etc. for a discussion of his book, Grace in Practice: A Theology of Everyday Life. Listen to hear how God's radical grace changes everything from how we raise...

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Jesus on Trial - David Limbaugh

Aired On: Monday October 6, 2014

Are the gospels hard evidence of the life and work of Jesus? Is it possible to believe beyond the shadow of a doubt? Join David Limbaugh on Steve Brown, Etc. as he talks about his new book, Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the...

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Renaissance - Dr. Os Guinness

Aired On: Monday September 29, 2014

When it gets really dark, a little light will do. Get a bunch of little lights together, and you can change the world... maybe. It's happened before, anyway.  Join Dr. Os Guinness on Steve Brown, Etc. as he talks about his new book,...

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