The good news of God's radical grace transforms how we relate to him and one another. Want to find out how? Check out the top 5 most read and shared posts from February.

  1. Stupid Things People Say to Singles - In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Justin Holcomb listed some of the dumb things people say to singles.
  2. The Key Life Way - Steve answered some complaints about how we relate to those with whom we disagree. Read about why Key Life does what we do in the way we do it. 
  3. Where Do You Draw the Line with Grace? - Grace is for everyone who keeps stepping over the line. Read this post from Steve about the temptation to limit God's radical grace.
  4. Giving Up Liver, Okra & Booze - Read this post from Steve about the danger of thinking we can repay God for his unconditional love.
  5. The Dignity of Homosexuality - There is a dignity and depravity behind all of our behaviors. Don't miss this piece by Neal Salzman. 

Our mission at Key Life is to help get you and those you love Home with radical freedom, infectious joy and surprising faithfulness to Christ. We hope and pray that these posts play a part in pulling that off. If you find them helpful, please share them with friends and family.