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LAF it Off! How to Unleash Your Superpower!

LAF it Off! How to Unleash Your Superpower!

JULY 22, 2023

/ Articles / LAF it Off! How to Unleash Your Superpower!

by Travis Vining

LAF it Off! How to Unleash Your Superpower! is the amazing story of a struggling young girl
that learns the secret to happiness from a group of adorable puppies. This children’s book is part
of the Un-Leash God’s Love series, offered by LAF with God.

The book and video series creatively use the pure wholesome behaviors of puppies to teach
children: What Love is. What Love is not. And how to tell the difference.

Puppies are great teachers because they are loving, accepting, and forgiving.

LAF (Love, Accept, Forgive) is not just a cute acronym, it is a God centered spiritual practice that
children can easily understand and incorporate into their daily lives. Prayerfully choosing love,
acceptance, and forgiveness provides measurable results while teaching children exactly why and
how to rely upon Jesus.

LAF It Off! and the video series are designed to help teach children 5 basic spiritual

The Golden Rule:

How we treat others has a much greater influence on a person’s life experience than gender,
race, or skin color. Yes, there are times when people are subjected to rejection. Everyone
encounters mean spirited, hurtful, and hateful people. Even in these unfortunate situations,
it is how we treat others that determines our happiness.

True lasting joy comes from focusing on how you treat yourself and others, not how they treat
you. If you wish to be accepted and loved, learn to be accepting and loving.


Jesus says – first, we should love God with all our heart, mind, and soul; and second, we
should love our neighbor as ourselves. Jesus says there is no other commandment greater
than these.

To understand the nature of love is to know God, because love comes from God. Persistent
devotion to love & truth is the bridge to developing a trusting relationship with God.
Acceptance and forgiveness are the keys to the vehicle that allow us to cross this bridge!


Turn the other cheek does not mean to submit to abuse. It means not to add to it, or make it
worse by being like it. Acceptance helps facilitate lovingness as it is the great healer of
discord, misery, and conflict. This practice also helps prevent negative feelings from
becoming overwhelming or dominant.

Acceptance does not mean agreement, but is an act of humility before God. Focusing on
ourselves rather than judging others is an act of love and kindness.


The willingness to forgive and seeking to understand others with compassion is one of the
most powerful tools in spiritual development. In reality, it is the forgiver who benefits the
most. Forgiveness does not condone bad behavior, but does release the forgiver from the
event or person causing harm.

Wishing that the past was different is a hopeless exercise that blocks us from God’s love. The
process of forgiveness and acceptance are an invitation for God’s love to enter our hearts.

Know them by their fruits:

LAF with God uses love, supported by scripture and Jesus’ teachings to provide children
with a spiritual practice that will help them recognize the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

Ironically, many of today’s negative societal influences practice the exact opposite of love.
They often contain hateful, intolerant, and vengeful undertones that are easily recognizable
given the proper spiritual foundation. Once children know what God’s love is, and how to
experience it, spotting the imitations becomes easy.

Listen to our interview with Travis Vining on SBE here!

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