Matthew Porter

Matthew serves as Producer and Director of Marketing for Key Life. 

Professionally, he wrote and directed a film starring two of the actors from Northern Exposure and has directed shoots in Asia, Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and – oh, yeah… the U.S. of A.  More recently, he produced branded content for companies like Microsoft, Intel, and P&G, and retailers including eBay, Walmart, and Sam’s Club and served as VP of Production for reality TV media company.

Currently, Matthew has an animated feature in development, along with a handful of other film, TV, and book projects.

Unprofessionally, he once got lost driving actress Erin Gray back to her hotel from the set (true story). 

In his spare time, Matthew enjoys reading, coaching flag football, and embarrassing his wife and four children by singing 80s power ballads very loudly and very badly.

Articles By Matthew Porter

The War is Over

Tuesday February 25, 2020


I can’t help picturing another guy hiding in the woods. Naked, ashamed, scared out of his mind. He hears a voice—it sounds like the voice of his Friend—calling out his name. But no. An enemy trick. Propaganda. Too good to be true.

An Evening With Steve Brown | Matthew Porter

Wednesday January 8, 2020


Key Life put on a special event featuring Steve and several of our Key Life voices. In this clip, Matthew Porter shares what Key Life means to him and surprises host Bud Fraga with how long he’s actually known and worked with Steve.

Friend to Me

Tuesday November 5, 2019

christian life
Friend to beggars Friend to haters Friend to lepers Friend to traitors Friend to strangers Friend to poor Friend to pilgrims Friend to whores Friend to liars Friend to losers Friend to failures...