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Sally Lloyd-Jones is the bestselling author of Thoughts To Make Your Heart Sing, a children’s devotional, which won the Christian Book of The Year award in adult inspiration. She is also the author of The Jesus Storybook Bible, which is now available in a format for all ages with a new design and title: The Story of God's Love for You.

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Teach Children the Bible Isn’t about Them

Tuesday June 23, 2015

family parenting

Almost overnight, my 8 year-old niece went from being a vivacious little girl who sang her way through life—as if she was singing the soundtrack of her own life the movie—and became a frightened withdrawn child who spoke so softly you could barely hear her. It was as if she was literally losing her voice, herself. And then we found out she was being bullied at school.

Holy Ground

Tuesday February 10, 2015

Children seem to know they are on the holy ground. Perhaps because they are closer to the ground, literally. Is it something about their smallness, their inability, their need to trust for all they are given? Is that what makes them truly humble?

How Long, Lord?

Tuesday December 2, 2014


We don’t have a God who turns away from us, who just looks down at the mess we’ve made and condemns us from afar. We have a God who draws near to us. Start out Advent with Sally Lloyd-Jones. A reminder of God’s love.

Teaching Children the Bible

Wednesday June 11, 2014

family parenting

Think you have to be good for God to love you…and if you aren’t good, God will stop loving you?  Some grace-filled relief from Sally Lloyd-Jones.