Traylor Lovvorn

Traylor Lovvorn is a dynamic ministry leader passionate about grace, recovery, and living life without any masks.

He and his wife, Melody, help men and women build healthier lives -- free of pornography, infidelity, and sexual addiction -- by helping them come out of isolation and learn to live authentically within safe, grace-based communities.

Toward that end, Traylor created, an online recovery portal designed for men struggling with pornography and sex addiction, providing Christ-centered community that helps foster lasting change. 

Articles By Traylor Lovvorn

Trusting My GPS

Thursday December 26, 2019

christian life

“I wish I followed God as faithfully as I follow my Garmin’s turn-by-turn directions.”

Making the Gospel Stick

Tuesday September 17, 2019

christian life

I spent an entire decade afraid to come to the Father because of my hidden sin. I was desperately trying to fix myself and to get better on my own because that is what I thought God expected of me in the Christian life.

Healing Pain

Thursday August 1, 2019

pain & suffering

My journey over the past five years has been an exhilarating and painful one. I know firsthand that pain is necessary for true healing to take place. I also know that I don’t like pain, so I avoid it, and prolong my own healing.