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Being Dad – Dr. Scott Keith

Being Dad – Dr. Scott Keith

JULY 24, 2017

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“Just you wait until your father gets home!” That’s a phrase that will send many kids into hiding. Dads are big and scary, and they lay down the law. But what if that’s an ill-conceived role that has many adults hiding from God?

Join Dr. Scott Keith on Steve Brown, Etc. for a discussion of his book, Being Dad: Father as a Picture of God’s GraceThere is a biblical way of being a dad that can point us all to the love of our Heavenly Father.

Dr. Keith is the Executive Director of 1517 The Legacy Project and Adjunct Professor of Theology at Concordia University, Irvine. He’s also a co-host of The Thinking Fellows Podcast.

Join Dr. Keith, Steve Brown, and a bunch of other great speakers at Here We Still Stand: A Reformation Conference, October 19-21 in San Diego, California. Use the promo code KEYLIFE at checkout and get $50 off!

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