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Getting Jesus Wrong – Matt Johnson (Re-Air)

Getting Jesus Wrong – Matt Johnson (Re-Air)

MAY 1, 2017

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Jesus is not a life coach, a movement leader, a cultural visionary, or a blessing dispenser, but you might not know that by listening to many Christians talk about their faith. Are you sure you’re following the right Jesus?

Join Key Life author Matt Johnson on Steve Brown, Etc. as he talks about his new book, Getting Jesus Wrong: Giving Up Spiritual Vitamins and Checklist Christianity. Matt shares his personal encounters with a string of false saviors and shows us what it looks like to get Jesus right.

Matt Johnson is a husband, father to two little girls, and is an armchair student of theology living in Seattle. He’s also a freelance writer and editor. Until recently, Matt spent seven years as an associate volunteer pastor in counseling and recovery ministry. Many moons ago he forwent a proper education and traveled the country playing drums in bands you’ve never heard of.

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