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Key Life on N.T. Wright

Key Life on N.T. Wright

SEPTEMBER 12, 2015

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N.T. Wright is a controversial New Testament scholar, so we weren’t surprised when the negative comments started coming in after our interview with Dr. Wright on Steve Brown, Etc. Steve’s usual response to criticism is, “Thank you for your comments. You may be right… but you’re probably wrong.” Generally, we leave it at that.

However, Key Life exists to communicate that the deepest message of the ministry of Jesus and the Bible is the radical grace of God to sinners and sufferers. When it comes to the doctrine of justification, we don’t mess around, and much of the controversy surrounding N.T. Wright has to do with justification.

So, we invited our own New Testament scholar and friend, Dr. Reggie Kidd, to sit down with Steve and the crew to address what Dr. Wright had to say on our talk show. Take a listen as we dive into the controversy and clarify any misunderstanding that may have been stirred up.

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