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Little Saviors – Marci Preheim

Little Saviors – Marci Preheim

JULY 3, 2017

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We’re all looking for salvation in something or someone promising a path to the good life. Christian or not, we all have little saviors who offer a list of things to do in order to have the perfect marriage, family, and country. But when Christians put their faith in their ability to perform for God instead of his performance for them, it strikes at the heart of what we say we believe.

Join Marci Preheim on Steve Brown, Etc. for a discussion of her new book, Little Saviors: How Moralism Kills Intimacy and the Gospel of GraceThere is a true savior who is the way and the life we’re all longing for.

Marci is the co-host of the podcast Fundyland Sees Red, a regular writer for Key Life, and the author of Grace Is Free: One Woman’s Journey From Fundamentalism to Failure to Faith.

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