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God's Not Mad at You
God Says Yes

God Says Yes

FEBRUARY 18, 2021

/ Programs / You Think About That / God Says Yes

God really does like to say yes to his children.

When we were younger and very poor, I saw my wife heal our refrigerator. It was old, making really loud noises, sounded like it was going to die. And then Anna put her hands on it and said, “Lord, you know we don’t have any money. And you know we need this refrigerator. Please do something.” You know what happened? The refrigerator quit making those funny noises.

And not only that, we used it for a lot of years. Now I encourage Anna to pray for us to win the lottery. No… [laughs] But I see in what she did a God who likes to say yes to his children.

I’m Steve Brown. You think about that.

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