When it's real dark, a little light will do. That’s what You Think About That with Steve Brown is all about.

Take one minute to get a little something to think about that will brighten your day, give you a bit of hope and make a big difference.

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Recent YOU THINK ABOUT THAT Broadcasts

Power in Weakness

Aired On: Wednesday April 26, 2017

When you know you're not smart or good or spiritual, you're close to the place where God might be able to use you.

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Aired On: Friday April 21, 2017

Love in response to goodness isn't love... that's reward!

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Aired On: Thursday April 20, 2017

Most things and how you see them depend on perspective.

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Soul Music

Aired On: Monday April 17, 2017

When playing soul music, God's joy, freedom and love make all the difference.

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