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God's Not Mad at You
Soul Music

Soul Music

SEPTEMBER 23, 2021

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When playing soul music, God’s joy, freedom and love make all the difference.

A famous violinist was asked why his music was so magnificent. He said, ”I never play until my own soul is thrilled, and then the music is an expression of my soul.” That’s what oughtta happen with Christians, but we fake it too much.

I have a friend who told me that at his church, they put lemon juice in the communion cup. So people would look holy. 

Go to Jesus and just sit there until his joy, freedom, and love get into your soul and then go play your music for the world. Too many people go to Jesus and leave as soon as they get saved.  They should stick around a little longer.  Then their music wouldn’t be so sour. 

I’m Steve Brown.  You think about that. 

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